Friday, July 03, 2009

a little walk

Ok, I'm not going to lie...I'm a little drunk, a little tipsy, a little angry, a little frustrated, a little tired of my families bullshit, a little drunk...oh, did I say that already?

bocce ball
"bocce ball"

I walked by a few people playing bocce ball in the park. It reminded me of Billy, who's birthday is tomorrow. I hope he likes his gift. It's amazing to me how I can dislike him for the longest time, but as I grow older I realize I disliked him because he was so fucking right all the time. He is 12 years older than me and has lived...boy has he lived. And he tried to tell me how life was supposed to be, but being the young and stupid girl I didn't listen. However, now I think maybe he needs my wisdom. It's strange how the tides turn. Still, happy birthday my friend. Make it memorable!


Sorry, but this shot is awesome. That is all.

starburst at sunset
"starburst at sunset"

I'm working on a very low resolution monitor so I have no idea how a photo looks after I've worked on it for a while. I worked on the above photo while watching a tutorial on RAW. I hope it looks ok.

step into the water
"step into the water"

I was sitting at home after a horrible photo outing yesterday, thinking to myself I purchased a stupidly expensive camera and I'm not using it because I'm afraid of it. So I picked it up and took a walk over to the park, which is like 4 blocks from my house.

walking the tightrope
"walking the tightrope"

The tightrope walkers were out, which I found as a metaphor for the day. My mom sent me an e-mail, and I sent a response back which I have no doubt elicited feelings of frustration, anger and sadness. Such is the norm for communication between me and mom. The tall one dropped by this evening and it was the first time I smiled all day. I love that he makes me giggle. It reminds me that I'm lucky, that I'm happy, that I can't be responsible for anyone's happiness but my own.


Melissa said...

Too right! And I think these photos are impressive. I bet you used to be afraid to use your camera when you first started taking pictures, and look at you now! Just remember there are a lot of people out here who think you are really talented. Because you are! :)

stacy marie said...

This comment made me cry, thank you so much...I really needed that :)

I'm so sorry I missed you this weekend, but we shall meet up soon.