Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Although the heat has reduced me to a whimpering bratty child, I'm a little more coherent than yesterday and have more pictures to present to you.

stolen kisses
"stolen kisses"

One thing I forgot to mention is that I purchased my first expensive filter, a polarizing filter for my 18-105. After getting my photos processed I've noticed that the filter puts a pretty heavy vignetting on my shots. The above one I kinda played with it and added a little more as it was a lovely black and white, but most of them I've had to batch process them to remove the vignette. A small price to pay, I suppose, but I will be happy to get some new glass.

shi shi
"shi shi"

Another issue with my 18-105 is a heavy distortion at 18mm. It's not too terrible and on a landscape, if I compose it right, it can create an almost wide angle effect. Kinda interesting, and at the same time totally annoying. The tall one mentioned that I was grumpy on Saturday during the drive. I hadn't noticed it until he mentioned it and I blamed it on the heat and driving, but really it was total disappointment. I really wanted sunset shots, I really wanted long exposures of water over the rocks, I had all these shots in my head and due to the heavy fog I wasn't able to accomplish any of it. I was totally defeated, and in the end gave up which is why I don't have a ton of shots of the beach.

rock em sock em
"rock em sock em"

Make no mistake, when I say I was disappointed it's not in the trip nor the company. The tall one's childlike excitement on Saturday, his enthusiasm for hiking and finding new things, the pride that he took in the fire, the snuggles when we finally got to sleep on a soft surface and the adorableness of his tired eyes on Monday night as we sat in our underwear playing Wii really made the trip worth every aching muscle, every missed shot, every sleepless night. Plus I've grown very found of his friends Dodi and Michael so sharing this adventure with them was great fun.

the ocean t600
"the ocean t600"

I read a comment on a flickr shot that really resonated with me. The photographer mentioned that when he's home and he sees that there is a really great sunset but he can't get out to photograph it in time, he closes all his blinds so that he can't see it as it makes him sad to not be able to capture that moment. I can totally relate, but to me it's the world around me. Everything around me is beautiful, and I'm so grateful for being alive and healthy enough to see it, I just wish I could do it justice.

equestrian on the horizon
"equestrian on the horizon"

I'll keep trying :)

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Princess Consuela Bananahammock said...

I swear I'm the only person in the world NOT to have gone to the beach this past weekend. *sniffle*