Friday, July 17, 2009

sunset drinking

My adorable boy hasn't left my side for the last couple weeks, which I appreciate more that he'll ever know. It's a strange thing for me to have a man care so much about what is going on with me and in my head, along with helping out his other girl friends and even his mom as they go through their own trials and stresses, and never once asks for anything in return. He never needs time away, he doesn't retreat, he doesn't pull away with no reasoning. He's like a freak of nature, I think.

However, his friend needed him last night so he went to enjoy girl time and ice creamy goodness I decided to do some cleaning and yoga. I called Casey as I was walking back to my apartment from the store and he suggested I bring over some of the 12 pack I just purchased and we could watch the sunset from his roof. I couldn't pass that up.

the many faces of casey
"the many faces of casey"

I love this shot because it's the three Casey's that I know: always texting, totally silly, but completely sweet. He's my favorite model. I swear he never takes a bad picture.

a biker looks out over the water
"a biker looks out over the water"

This weekend brings two tests for me, one this evening when I attempt to make a new friend (like Melissa is soooo scary) and the second on Sunday...can I make it without freaking out? Will the tall one and I persevere through the murky waters of my raging self doubt? Stay tuned!!


Melissa said...

Grrrrrr (that's my scary sound). What fun I had! Hope you did too. Yay for DB joining us! Now I have to go take a nap and recover... :)

stacy marie said...

ooooh so scary!!

I had sooo much fun and it was cool that db AND the tall one came out! good times. He thought you were awesome, btw :)