Sunday, August 23, 2009

black hole sun

I woke up around 9 in the morning and wandered out into the living room to see if the kids were up. Lauren and Jolie had slept in the old sleeping bags that the tall one had left at my place and sometime during the night Jolie had stolen the covers from Lauren. I came out to check on them around 3 am to find a cold Lauren curled up in a ball, no covers to be seen, while Jolie slept as warm as can be. I had to find another blanket for Lauren, and of course neither of them woke up during the search. The night before I had been instructed that they had to shower and have their nails clipped. They took turns playing Wii and showering, I filled in for the missing player until all were clean. Jolie was able to clip her own nails, but I had to do Lauren's as she's a little clumsy when it comes to the nail clippers.

jolie in black hole sun

After waking them up they Wii'ed a little more while I did my hair and got dressed. We were all starving so I texted the tall one to meet us at Glo's around 11 and we dressed quickly and headed over to Volunteer Park.

lauren in black hole sun

I had asked the kids if they knew what the song "Black Hole Sun" was and they immediately started singing it, which I knew meant I just had to take them over to the sculpture in the park.

blakey in black hole sun

Blake and Jolie both play instruments, drums and guitar respectively, and they love metal. George has been playing heavy metal to these kids since they were tiny babies so bands like Rush, Metallica and Ozzy top their favorite lists. It's pretty cool how much they are into music and they played me a sampling of their favorites on the drive into the city.

cousins and black hole sun

lauren squishes the needle

jolie holding the needle

We headed over to Glo's to meet the tall one for pancakes, then we all piled in to my car to meet the family in Orting, where Stephie's wedding was taking place. be continued!

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