Monday, August 24, 2009

George and Carolyn

c and g

When I was 25 I was laid off from my job in Seattle. I left my office for the last time at 9:30 am and by noon that day I had already negotiated out of my apartment lease, rented a truck, canceled all my utilities and was ready to move. I called my Uncle George in California and said "Hey, I just got laid off. Can I come stay with you for a little while?"

That little while turned into months and never have I learned as much as I did while living with this amazing couple. Their three children, my cousins Jolie, Lauren and Blake, are the most amazingly smart and well adjusted children I've ever known. Their relationship is what gives me hope that marriages really do work.

g and c

Like any couple they've been through a lot, however it seems as though each situation only gives them more strength. After all these years of marriage they still look at each other with so much love. I will share one fun little embarrassing story: One morning while staying with them I was watching tv, kinda scrunched down in the couch so I wasn't really noticeable. I heard them talking behind me in the kitchen and Carolyn mentioned to George something about their activities in the bedroom the evening before. I popped my head up to see them kissing and Carolyn giggling, and when they realized I had heard them her face turned as red as her hair! I loved it, and although it was a silly moment it showed me that a marriage doesn't have to be the end of romance. They shattered a lot of misconceptions I had of two people sharing their lives together. I can't thank them enough.

a kiss

I am so grateful to these two people. They helped me to grow up, they both listen to me when I need someone to talk to, they both support me when I'm down, they both trust me with their children, and they both love me unconditionally. And not because they have to :-)

Thank you George and Carolyn, I love you!

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Stop it, you are making me cry!!!