Thursday, August 06, 2009


cha cha
"cha cha"

I effing love the graffiti that popped up in the corner.

axis of evil
"axis of evil"

for making me chubby, over caffeinated, lactose intolerant and hung over; the following locations are now on my terrorist list and must be stopped.

P.S. please don't put me on the FBI list for this.

P.P.S oh shite, now I just said FBI and terrorist in a post

P.P.P.S. aw crap I did it again!

True story: I grabbed a bunch of matches from the Cha Cha to send down to my friend in LA as they have a Cha Cha in Silverlake and I thought it'd be cool if he had matches that said Seattle on it (yes, I'm lame).

Anyway, I threw them into a Fed Ex envelope and shipped it next day air. I told my boyfriend (who is a UPS driver) and he asked "Did you put flammable on the the label?" and I said "um, no...was I supposed to? oops, well at least I sent it next day air" He said "Nice, put unmarked flammable material on a plane."

Oops...and now, of course, I've talked about blowing up a plane, terrorism, fbi lists and the axis of evil....I'm screwed.



Melissa said...

totally. screwed. I'll come visit you in the Pen (not that I have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with your nefarious activities).

Melissa said...

Well, not the illegal ones anyway.

stacy marie said...

you're implicated just by commenting! ha!