Monday, August 24, 2009

the wedding

What a weekend!

You can find the entire set here, and I'm adding new ones every day. I took around 200 photos, so there are a lot to go through. I think the other photographers took around 800, and then Carolyn took quite a few with her Canon and Mamiya so I'm sure this wedding is pretty well documented. I'm only going to add the few that I really liked here and hopefully I'll have a couple follow up posts with more. Editing these pictures was so much fun!!

the cake

Of course I had to grab a shot of the cake with my nifty fifty. That little lens came in handy so many times that I actually just ended up leaving it on. The cake was so yummy and I kept stealing bites from my cousins and the tall one. It's fat free if it's off someone else's fork, right?


Stephie's colors were brown and this lovely green color. The bridesmaids held gerber daisies and this one couldn't stop smiling! She was glowing, and I later found out why: she's 4 months pregnant!


My cousin Levi. See how awesome my lens is? I loooove this shot. The lighting, his red hair, his personality! Just great. I can't wait to hang out with him at DMB.

mother of the bride watches

Aunt Shirley was in tears all day. She was so overwhelmed with love and happiness it was literally flowing out of her. I've never seen the family so happy. Everyone had a smile, laughter was constant and spirits were so high that nothing could damper it. Really, it was a perfect day.

first kiss

The ceremony lasted approximately 20 minutes (apparently the time is debatable) and was very lovely. They did a traditional Catholic wedding complete with the pouring of the sand and communion. I'll admit, I got a little teary but luckily I had my camera to block the sentimentality.

father and daughter

We moved inside to the dining area that had taken two days to decorate, and they did a lovely job. The dances commenced and I was able to grab this shot of Stephie and her dad Lane. I may re-do this one, but it's such a lovely moment I really wanted to add it to the post.


Not only did they have a DJ but a Mariachi band also came in to play during dinner. Judah's grandpa loved it and had the biggest smile on his face. Such a cute little old man. I wish I had a few shots of him. The time came for the cake and what luck, the lighting was awesome and Judah's shirt was acting like a reflector and lit up Stephi's face just perfect! I love this shot.


The groomsmen were all given giant beer steins as their wedding gifts and they were filled constantly through out the evening, however that didn't stop the tequila shots!

i caught it

When the time came I grudgingly stood with the other single ladies, Jolie and Lauren strategically placed in front of me, a bridesmaid next to me who was reassured that the toss was designated for her. I watched as Stephie turned her back and sent the bouquet flying...directly at me. There was no way to let it go, it would drop to the floor. I reached out and caught it, and I'm sure the look on my face was priceless. But truth be told, I secretly smiled inside. Not that I want it right now, but I'd like to one day have someone to spend the rest of my life with.

hall family

We went outside to capture the entire Hall family, except for Zach and my mother.I don't know how it would have been if either one of them had come, maybe it would have been great...we'll never know. My Uncle Bud and his wife Nancy also left early so we didn't get them in the shot, but this crew had a great time. I've never seen my family so happy, so loving, so funny! I'll never forget this day. be continued.

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