Friday, September 25, 2009

my job


I'm so thankful to have a job. Really, I am. I know there are people all over this country that could only wish to have a well paying job that gives them great benefits and allows them to sometimes do nothing but blog on a computer all day. I shouldn't complain, I'm not treated horribly at all, in fact I'm treated very well by my two bosses. Occasionally I even get to shoot an artist interview or two...but I'm not satisfied creatively.

pastel needle in the setting sun

Yesterday I did not get the chance to shoot Alice and Chains. I was a bit bummed by it, but not entirely because they are a shell of their former selves. I have no problem with a band staying together after a member has died, but they shouldn't get two new members and then tour under the same name. They aren't the same band, they should change their name. Even though Roger Waters toured playing the entire Dark Side of the Moon album he didn't put the billing as Pink Floyd, because it wasn't! You don't see Chris Cornell playing "Hunger Strike" and billing it as Temple of the Dog. In fact when he joined up with Tom Morrello they didn't call it Rage Against the Machine or Soundgarden, they went by Audioslave. Because HELLO! They were a new band!! Even when they played "Killing in the Name" at their historic show in Cuba!!!

The Who, are you listening?

But I digress...

In any case I missed out on shooting Alice and Chains because my boss wanted to go. We only had permission for three people to shoot and although it would have been great to add the photos to our website he went in my place just to "hang out". My conversation with the kid we hired to do interviews made me even more frustrated. He said "yeah, they were ok. That Jerry guy was kind of a jerk and then some girl named Susan was there". I was like "Susan Silver" and he's like, "yeah, I guess". This kid is meeting Jerry Cantrell and Susan Silver, two influential people in Seattle music history and he's like "eh, whatever".


I get frustrated because I feel like these are influential people who created a lot of the sounds that we hear today, that broke a mold during the hair band craziness of the 90's, that defined the sound of my teenage years growing up in Seattle. I feel like these people should be a little respected, and I'd love the opportunity to meet them. I took this job because I felt like I would be able to have those chances. I could be an executive assistant at a major corporation, but I wanted to be close to music. It was my one stipulation for moving back to Seattle. Now I feel like it's so close but I can't touch it. Like it's there...if. I. could. only. reach. a. little. farther...sigh.

So I try to lose myself in my photography and try to be grateful for what I do have. A job, a home, a car, a kick ass camera, a great best friend and a supportive boyfriend. The last of which gave me the sweetest push yesterday that made me get out and start learning my camera more. Which will be my next post. A learning post, if you will.

wheat in the sun


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Campbell Photography said...

Just want to let you know, Stacy, that your photography is very inspiring to me. Moreso your passion and dedication, because both are undeniable. Your photographs are beautiful and I love your work! I'm with you on the frustration of getting into something for the love of it and feeling like someone who doesn't love it steals your thunder, believe me, but you do have a beautiful gift -- many others, in fact -- and I'm so glad to see you finding peace and comfort in so many other things. You are soooo talented!!!