Monday, September 21, 2009


On the plus side, I dressed up. Ah, hells yeah I dressed up.


also, others dressed up and I took pictures with them!

and there was beer!!

woo beer

And good friends and tall boys!

Buuuuut, and this is a big but, it was lame on multiple levels. First, we took a bus down to Fremont. The people up on the Hill were smiley and saying hi and not at all judgmental. Then we switched buses and although there were still many people smiling and talking to me, there was a couple of German girls on the bus that were not too amused. I'm pretty sure they called me a stupid American, but nonetheless I kept smiling and remained excited to see others dressed up.

However, once we arrived I realized there were maybe 7 other people in the entire fest was in costume. Which would have been fine if people were really in the festive Oktoberfest mood, but they weren't. It was basically a bunch of people drinking microbrews and listening to live indie music. We might as well have been at bumbershoot. Where was the polka? The chicken dance? The accordion for goodness sake?! AAAND the food court was outside so if you were hungry you had to leave the event and possibly risk not being able to get back in if they were sold out. It was silly planning on their part and I'm really surprised that Torrance, CA was able to hold a better Oktoberfest than Fremont. I'm holding out hope for Leavenworth, but I'm guessing it's going to be Munich or bust next year.

Yet still I was pretty proud of myself for dressing up, I had a blast with the tall one and even Melissa joined us! I guess any day with friends, beer and costumes can't be all that bad :)

p.s. got some love from the henchbot too. 

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