Saturday, October 24, 2009

fall colors

As I mentioned before I ventured out to take shots of the beautiful colors of fall. The Arboretum was too full for me, but I saw a side street in Madison Park that was full of leaves and huge trees with multitudes of leaves in the process of changing from green to yellow.

fallen leaves

The houses in the area are large, beautiful and expensive, but true to Seattle the cars in the area are run down Subaru's and Honda's. There was an Accord parked on the street that was so covered in leaves you could hardly see the color of the car. I had planned on getting some shots of the water on the leaves but it was wet on the ground. Luckily this car had quite a few of them for me to shoot so I didn't have to kneel down on the wet ground.


I took quite a few more pictures that I'm posting here, which I alluded to in my last post, but I'm feeling like I need to go out again and capture more of the fall. Maybe I'll take my camera to work with me this week.

fall bokeh

The last few weeks have been hard on me, I was all hopped up on hormones that are luckily subsiding and mellowing out so I'm starting to feel more like me. I was starting to worry there for a minute, but I'm pretty lucky to have some great people around me to get me through it. A big thank you to the tall one. I can't believe that he puts up with my shit. He's like a freakin' saint :)

field of leaves

Also, hello to my 10th follower...I see you, sir! Even if you are all the way down there in paradise. Watch out for sharks!

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keithkool said...

amazing pictures. makes me feel all warm inside.