Saturday, October 24, 2009

volunteer park greenhouse

After a lovely, although sleepless for him, first night sleeping in the tall one's new house I dropped him off in Seatac so he could join his friends at Steamcon. With a whole day ahead of me I looked to the sky and it's periods of sunshine and thought I would take a drive over to The Arboretum. However, everyone else in Seattle thought that would also be a good idea so I scrapped it for a nearby street (those pictures coming in the next post) and Volunteer Park. It had been forever since I'd been over there during a time where the greenhouse would actually be open so when I saw people walking in the doors I was pleasantly surprised.


When I'm shooting I don't take the time to look at the signs around me so I have no idea what this cactus was or what the sign said in the other room, but once I processed these two shots I knew they had to go together. This pairing reminds me of something the tall one once said to me about how I see the world. It's a strange shot for a greenhouse series, but it's what I saw.

blue flower abstract

This was actually inspired by my mentor and a series he did, which I totally Sylar'ed from him but I won't post because it's a little like plagiarism...but it was a really fun project to do. He doesn't read this anyway so maybe one day I'll put them up here.

he loves me knot

There was a group of guys with some camera gear that were getting kicked out when I pulled up to the park. I passed them putting their things in the car and overheard one of them saying "I guess that does look like a professional rig, no wonder we got kicked out". The gentleman saying this was carrying all his gear in a small child's pink hello kitty suitcase. Not that professional :)

yellow flower blue sky

I shot almost entirely with my 50mm, intermittently screwing on and off my close-up filters. I know a macro lens would be a fun piece of glass to own, but honestly I get so many shots with my cheap little set up that I can't justify the extra expense.

It felt really good to take the camera out today. It's been a while.

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