Friday, November 06, 2009

David Gray and a lost organ

Hello my 10 followers. I know you've missed me! Most of you follow me on facebook so you are well aware of my recent surgery and have no doubt already been told the harrowing story. I should probably write it down for future reading, but my first post after my hiatus will not be dedicated to my missing appendix. Instead, it shall be for the one and only David Gray.

From my random blogging while drinking wine (wogging?) I've expressed my love of Mr. Gray and my wish to meet him. The only great thing about my job currently is the opportunity to be able to say I'd like to meet someone and most of the time it will actually happen. Luckily this was one of those times.


Unlike most artists he arrived on time and was eager to answer questions. Unfortunately when he sat down the zipper gave out on his pants and he had to run back to the bus and change. When he returned he was dressed in the suit he was going to wear that night for the performance.

so many questions

He was an amazingly intense person and when asked each question he would look down, think it over and then answer in a stream of words that I'm sure contained a period or two but you wouldn't know it. And the accent...oooh the accent. For a moment I forgot that I was supposed to be taking pictures and I closed my eyes and listen to him speak. I'm so silly when it comes to my favorite artists.

I'm done

Andrew, my co-worker, is not the best interviewer. He was not familiar with David Gray and I had to fill him in on his history and music, what he's doing now, what his new album sounds like and it showed in his interview style. David became a little bored and finally just sat back and looked at Andrew like "really kid?".

all bored

After the interview I asked David to sign an old copy of my Live at the Point DVD that I've played so much over the years that it's surprising it will still show a picture on the screen and of course my pen didn't work. He took it down with him to his tour bus to find a sharpee and sent his tour manager back with the signed copy in hand.

I had asked if perhaps the band could put me on their list for the show that night so after the interview I wandered around downtown, having dinner at that silly FOX restaurant downtown and chatting with a lovely gentleman from Houston who was in town on business before going back over to the venue. I grabbed my tickets from will call and headed into the theater. I gave my ticket to the usher and he took me all the way to the front row and sat me down in the center....oh yeah, front row center. The lady sitting next to me said she wished she had a camera to capture the look of amazement on my face when I sat down.

The show was amazing, and the crowd was very energetic. David really played off of the energy and his new band was just on. Each song choice had me singing along at the top of my lungs and even though I had had surgery less than a week ago I couldn't help but get up at the end of the show and clap along with everyone to "Please Forgive Me". What a great experience, an amazing show and as this may be my last artist interview for this company, a great end. I wasn't even put off by the opening act...who was my ex-boyfriend's girlfriend :) Small world.


keithkool said...

i've heard of this Mr. Gray, but not his music. Downloading now. hehe. So what do you mean last artist interview?

keithkool said...

oh yeah, i don't know the horrific story of your lost organ!

stacy marie said...

I will write an account of the terrible appendix just for you Mr. Kool

keithkool said...

okay! oh yeah, im gonna be a daddy!!! sshhhh! =)