Tuesday, December 29, 2009

christmas in LA

jolie santa

I love my cousins. I can't think of a better christmas present than to be with them, and I was lucky enough to do just that this holiday. I was sick, I still am actually, but it didn't matter. We stayed up late every night talking and laughing and playing and taking pictures. Strangely enough I only took out my camera on Christmas day. The rest of the time it sat neatly in my camera bag while I enjoyed the scenery with my own two eyes. I let Carolyn be the photographer this time around.

the mother load

We didn't give each other much this christmas, which was great because I didn't have much to give, but I did make a book for the family with pictures from their trip up to Seattle that made Carolyn quietly tear up and that made me feel really good. I'm surprised at how well my pictures are translating as gifts. Everyone seems really excited to get them and it makes me feel like I'm giving people not only something that I've created but also a little piece of me. It's kinda cool.

george and winnie

The tall one came down on Saturday and after hanging out with the family for a little while we had dinner in Burbank with Jen, who I love and miss, and had so much fun before heading back to Manhattan Beach to stay at his Grandpa's house. The next morning we drove over to The Kettle, my favorite breakfast place, and had yummy food and mimosas. It was so great being back in the neighborhood I spent so much time in and it was very, very hard to leave it.

christmas on the beach

As I flew into Seattle the sun was setting, casting a pink glow on the buildings of downtown. The scene is typically my favorite and always feels like the city is welcoming me home...but this time, knowing the tall one was not there and my friends and family were so far away, it just felt lonely.

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