Thursday, December 17, 2009

one eskimo

One eskimO

I woke up to the grumpiest of moods. The grey Seattle skies did nothing to pull me out of my hormone induced melancholy. Work was one annoying request after another. Then 4:00 rolled around and four adorable boys from London walked into the office with instruments in hand. Their charm was disarming, their sound was calming, their accents were so adorable that I could have listened to them all day. They were One eskimO.

adam black&white

I have a little crush on Adam. I think it's his hair, but his smile was so warm...and plus I think I have a little bit of a thing for drummers.

or scarfy European guys :)

sorry tall one...

adam falkner


this one is straight from the camera with only a cropping done in photoshop. I love lighting. It's nice to have a person so perfectly lit that there is no need to do any post processing. I hope to spend some time learning about off camera lighting next year.


The skies were dark and we could see the traffic stretching far, backed up from the bridge. If they were going to make it to their show at the Crocodile in an hour we would have to cut the interview short, which we ended up doing. Still, it was a nice end to a day that began with a grump.

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