Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Debi Nova

Debi Nova stopped by the offices for a quick interview today and word is coming down that she may be one of our last interviews for quite some time. She didn't perform, just dazzled us with her big smile, lovely accent and attentive makeup artist. No kidding the woman did not leave Debi alone.

first the lipstick

First it was the lipstick, then a quick touch up to the eyes, then the hairspray came out...and that was just when they arrived! (to note she was already made up from an interview just before ours) Then once the interview was under way the makeup artist would jump in every other take to fix Debi's hair or add powder, it was nuts. At one point asking "Do you need more hair? I brought more hair." Goodness.




She was a tiny little thing, but very sweet. She's a latin artist so she's played with Sergio Mendez and Ricky Martin, but I believe is only now working on her first album

debi nova

 She seemed very eager to get that rolling. I can imagine it must be very frustrating performing with all these artists (not only the two I listed but also Q tip and and not have a finished product.

interview too

She spoke spanish fluently and Andrew (who was interviewing her) was worried that she might ask him about his heritage (he's hispanic, last name Trujillo...but he doesn't speak a word of spanish) and I told him that if she asked just laugh and say you can hardly pronounce your own last name...which is true.

Just kidding, he can say his last name...but I think it had to be phonetically spelled out for him.

test shot

By the way I'm SUPER duper excited as I bought a new toy for my Holga which I hope to exploit the heck out of this weekend when Billy and his friends converge on the city of Seattle. The picture above is a slight preview. I hope to get some shots up soon...but you know how it goes with film.

In any case, check out Debi Nova's music here en inglés o español.


Campbell Photography said...

No way!! I love Debi Nova!! I worked with her about 3 times at Key Club. What a voice for such a tiny waist, eh? Beautiful photographs. You're the best!

Anonymous said...
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stacy marie said...

she was adorably sweet and chatted about LA, which made me happy :) but stupidly tiny...I mean my goodness!