Monday, February 15, 2010

dirty harry's truck

Yes, I've been here three times before, yes with the tall one's help I was finally able to locate the truck, however there were two reasons we decided to head back up that rocky and steep trail: I had heard that there was a hiking register in the glove compartment and also I'd been working out for two months now and the tall one thought this hike would be a good test of my endurance.

It was a drizzly afternoon and after breakfast we headed up to the trailhead and were one of only two cars in the lot. We started the long trek up the mountain and I quickly realized I was hung over from the night before. No good. I was supposed to be judging my endurance! I was supposed to be running up this stupid hill by now, but ooooh no. Stupid alcohol.

lucas dares to sit in the chair

We actually made good time up to the balcony and instead of taking the spur out to it we decided to keep on going to the truck. Once we passed Museum Creek we pushed our way into the woods to find that someone had actually flagged out the route on the spur road! Big cheaters! Of course, it's hard to find that first yellow ribbon but once you do pink ribbons pick up the trail and eventually after some pretty heavy bush wacking the truck eventually comes into view.

the seat

We carefully climbed onto the truck just as the skies opened up and began to dump rain on us by the buckets full. I took a few shots perched on my little ledge but once the rain let up for a second I headed over to the trail to take some shots of the whole thing.

rocks and truck

The rain began falling harder again so we decided to pack it up and head back down. I was in slightly good spirits since I had actually made it up the truck without too much complaining and with energy to spare, but pushing my way back through the brush and then navigating the massive amounts of now slippery rocks took a tole on my merry mood. I wasn't the only one, the tall one began to quicken his stride and quickly gained a big lead on me.

harry's truck too

Luckily we made good time and were off the mountain in about an hour. We attempted to dry off in the car but my undershirt was so soaked that I was still shaking while we waited for dinner at Cedars, just a few short blocks from home.

Rain and exhaustion aside, I'm glad we did this hike. I got some great shots of the truck that not many people can find, I spent a lovely afternoon with the cutest boyfriend ever and bestest hiking partner in the world, and am able to finally say that the gym is not evil, it really is helping me to conquer these trails and hopefully this summer I'll produce some really excellent photos.


Marta said...

You got some excellent photos on this hike. I love the intensity of the colors. I have such a difficult time getting good shots on drizzle days. You've inspired me to get out.

stacy marie said...

Thank you Marta! I was honestly expecting a bunch of rain drops all over the shots when I pulled them up on the computer at home. I was just shooting and shooting, wiping the lens then shooting some more and hoping for the best :)