Tuesday, February 23, 2010


green lake pm 2

We are reluctant to venture in our new neighborhood. We miss the Hill. We would rather stay cuddled up in bed then to put on clothes and go outside no matter how pretty the weather...but we still pulled ourselves out of bed on Saturday to wander around Greenlake. We've discovered that it's only a short walk over to this urban oasis and although I'd hoped it would be a nice substitution for Cal Anderson Park I've been disappointed to see only Seattle suburbanites running the path and walking their puppies (who admittedly are adorable, the puppies not the people), massive amounts of children and one strange man playing guitar who likes to yell at old ladies. Granted, he knows them...but still, he's loud.

sunset tree saturation green

We walked the path, stopping at a bench so I could pick his brain about our first month of living together and although we haven't fully finished talking about everything I'm hoping he knows that if there is anything he's going through that we can go through it together now. I think that's one of the cool things about being a couple, you don't have to deal with anything alone anymore unless you want to.

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