Monday, March 01, 2010

ooh yay! a new look!

I've loved this template for the longest time but it was only available through wordpress, but a recent edit made it available for blogger html use. Be sure to pull on the tab on the top right hand corner!

This weekend was spent in bed. Literally. We finally left bed on Saturday at around 7:30 pm to meet up with Dodi for dinner. Obasan is an ellusive little Japanese restaurant on lower Queen Anne that Dodi and Michael took us to once but after that the tall one and I have had a hell of a time getting back there at a time when it was open. We had luck on our side Saturday night and after a huge bento box filled with katsu I rolled myself back into bed.

Sunday we spent more time in bed, ate an amazing breakfast at Pesos where, after a bad case of the hungry grumps, we (well, he) budgeted out our trips for the year. I'm still scared, but he's helping me to work through all the planning and I'm trying not to freak out on him.

After a lovely dinner and games at his parents house that evening we retreated guessed it...bed. Needless to say no picture taking or hiking was done over the last two days.

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