Thursday, April 15, 2010


For our upcoming trips we have a plan...a devious plan...but a totally adorably awesome plan and part of it came in the mail today!!

coming out

I went through 10 sheets of paper before I finally got the dimensions right. It prints a 2x3 print that is also...A STICKER!! I'm like a little girl with this thing. I might as well have just bought the pink one and stuck a Hello Kitty sticker on it.

pogo test

It prints via bluetooth, so of course my iphone won't sync with it. Heaven forbid Apple actually make a product that works with non-apple hardware. However it's easy to get around if you've got a computer. I just e-mailed the pics to myself and actually I'm glad I did because it took a little editing in photoshop to get the shots to print out in full.

pogo photos

The coolest part is I can hook up my Nikon to the printer, do some in camera editing, and print straight from the D90. This will not only be great for our little devious travel plan but also when traveling in Europe. Most people in other countries will allow you to take their picture, but it's best to have a printer on hand to give them a copy.

soooo excited!! you shall see the results of trial run of the plan after we return from Hawaii.



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