Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Oahu, Hawaii...day one

It's the post you've all been waiting for! Let's dive in, shall we?

day one

We arrived at the airport bright and early for our 8:30 am flight. The tall one was a bit nervous as he's missed flights before and the whole reason we were going to Hawaii was for his friend Eric's wedding...which was that day. So if we missed the flight...well, you get the point. However we caught the flight fine and we even had the row of seats to ourselves, on a full flight! It was great, especially since I had never flown over the Pacific Ocean, never had that long of a flight; hell, I'd never even been off the continental United States!

the flight

To make the 5 1/2 hour flight go faster I decided to rent one of the players that Alaska offers. To my EXTREME delight, the Buffy musical was one of the TV shows offered! This was already turning out to be the best trip ever! While listening to "the battles done, and we kinda won so we'll sound our victory cheer...TELL MEEE!" I peeked out the window and noticed the clouds. I poked the tall one and he looked out and mentioned that it looked a little like a field of ice. I told him when we got home I'd add some marine life to the shot.

When we landed and walked out into the humid air my mouth dropped open. Leaving the first concourse you walk onto a bridge that overlooks a beautiful tropical pond. I'd never seen plants like that. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so perfect it reminded me of a movie set. It was hard for me to believe that these plants and flowers actually existed in nature, but boy did they ever. It was a gorgeous site. Hibiscus everywhere, huge ferns and palm trees...with freakin' coconuts on them. Amazing. .

We rented the car and headed towards the hotel. Unfortunately we arrived before check in so we left the luggage in the car and headed out to get me something to eat. Now, I don't know if you've ever been around me when I'm starving...but I'm not a peach. I complained and whined the whole way over to the Japanese steak house the tall one had chosen for our lunch. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say that the tall one is a SAINT for not killing me and leaving me dead on the side of the road so he could enjoy the rest of his vacation in peace.

the view from the room

After yummy miso soup and an amazing bento box we headed back to the hotel to check in. I grumpily sauntered up to the desk, mumbled things under my breath about the upgrade charge to our room and angrily signed my credit card slip. The desk clerk asked me what was wrong, I told him "I've basically pulled out my credit card for every single move I've made since I touched down this morning"

He said "Yup...Welcome to Honolulu".

full view from our room

I pushed the button in the elevator for the 17th floor (one floor away from the top) and sighed. Then, as the doors opened and I walked down the hallway I opened the door to 1709 and the sight above opened up before me. This was our freaking view! I MEAN MY GOLLY!! It finally dawned on me...I'm in Hawaii.

the water

Honestly though, I still felt strange. Like I wasn't in Hawaii, like I wasn't me. I couldn't put my finger on it...but luckily the next day, with the help of the tall one, it finally hit me. More on that later.

at the alter

We closed our eyes for a moment and then quickly got dressed and headed over to the beach for Eric and Sherie's wedding. I'm pretty sure it was a traditional Hawaiian wedding, not like I would know, but it was perfect. The sun was setting, the wedding party was beautiful (I keep using that darn word) and almost all of the wedding goers were so nice. It was the first time meeting the tall one's old friends and they couldn't have been more kind.


After the quick ceremony we spent quite a bit of time taking pictures. I loved watching the wedding photographer. He was enjoying shooting on the beach and it made for some fun shots. I was called over more than a few times to be in the official photos. It made me feel like I was a part of the group which was so welcome in a place that was so foreign to me.

like a giant
couple of goofs
best picture ever


wrapped bambo
gimmie gimmie

The tall one stole my camera....and wouldn't give it back. Meanie. He and his...long arms!

Anyway, we headed over to the Hilton where the reception was being held and also where Sherie and Eric were staying. Apparently the hotel had all sorts of animals running around; penguins, flamingos, peacocks and such. We saw a peacock on our way across the property, but that was about it. Once dinner was out of the way, and the tall one was sufficiently hammered thanks to a bit of a contest with another wedding guest, the music started and that's when the reception really started to take off.

at the wedding
from good to yikes

The last picture was added for the tall one, so he doesn't have to be the only one embarrassed by pictures. I'm not sure how I ended up dancing with the groom, what we were dancing to or how the tall one got a picture of it...but there you go.

to be continued....

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