Monday, August 24, 2009

Stephanie's Wedding Weekend

I've divided up the pictures from this wonderful four day weekend and to make things easier I figured I'd just make one post for everyone!

The entire collection of photos can be found here.

The bbq at Stephie and Judah's house Thursday night can be found here.

The trip to the Space Needle with Cousin, Jolie, Lauren, Blakey, George and Carolyn can be found here.

The trip with Cousin, Jolie, Lauren and Blakey to Black Hole Sun can be found here.

A tribute to my adorable boyfriend who hates having his picture taken but looked so freakin' cute with Jolie I just couldn't help taking their photos and posting them here.

My point of view of the actual wedding day can be found here.

My thank you to George and Carolyn can be found here, along with their pictures that are oooh so cute!

And lastly a few snapshots from the day of the wedding can be found here.

Thank you again to everyone. What a great few days. I'm still buzzing with happy!

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