Monday, March 29, 2010

a unicorn and a butte

Since I heard good things about my Vancouver post I thought I'd continue on with the format for a bit. This weekend was a busy one, but I still found time to spend an evening with Casey and get in a hike at Cedar Butte. If you'd like to know more about either one of these places just drop me a line!

Friday Night

casey dog


end of the evening

Saturday Afternoon

cedar butte intro


iron goat trail

flower and water

no trespassing

insect view

yay a flower

mossy tree


The End

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

vancouver, bc

The original plan was Lake 22. I talked the tall one into rescheduling his root canal (that took some arm twisting, let me tell you) and as we were almost to the exit for Highway 2 I asked: "sooo...want to go to Canada instead?"

We were decked out in hiking gear, prepared to take on the trails but the call for the border won out in the end and we headed north. In honor of taking an unexpected turn, I've decided to make this blog post a little different. I hope you enjoy it!

The End

Thursday, March 18, 2010

guest photographers

Last Saturday evening I sat in a quiet house that smelled of lemon and melons after hours of cleaning. As the tall one slept off his vicodin from the root canal he'd endured for 3 boring hours, I pondered the upcoming evening. I wondered who would come, would we have enough food, would Justin show up or would I have to send him a grumpy text, would people be ok with me taking pictures, would everyone have fun??

I lit a fire, opened the door to Sharon who arrived early to help me put the finishing touches on the house, gently woke up the tall one, the birthday boy arrived...and then everyone else. It was so much fun, there was so much alcohol, and Justin did show up with Amanda so no text necessary. And best of all? My camera passed through the hands of many that evening, here are a few fun shots. I have no idea who took what!

GAH! This picture kills me every time. Cutest pouters ever!

We had about 30 people in the house, which was a great turn out. Birthday candles had been forgotten, so we used a tea light.


He's so cute!!

....he'll light you on fire....but he's sooo cute!!

I have no idea what I'm doing...

Justin and Amanda brought a housewarming gift for us: a grocery bag filled with Cosmo, Nerds, Gobstoppers, condoms and B vitamins...for stamina. Best. Gift. Ever....weirdos.

I think Michael had a nice birthday, and the party went really well. Totally worthy of a birthday squish.

The tall one will once again be in the dentist chair this weekend so Saturday I'll be all by my lonesome. I've decided to hike the Lake 22 trail, with hopefully a stop at Heather Lake. Keep an eye out for the trip report!

Saturday, March 13, 2010



Last Saturday was a beautiful day and like I mentioned in a previous post I wandered a bit, with my camera accidentally set to ISO 600, taking pictures of the neighborhood. I thought the shots were a wash, but it was only the closeups that were really noisy. The above shot is straight from the camera, only cropped up a bit. That sky color was out of control, yes?

shadow and light

An old friend is living in New York City and she recently put up some pictures of Daido Moriyama' show. I was really inspired by his style and it influenced me a lot when I was processing the above shot. I just love the sparkly leaves and shadows.

The day is calling, I had better get up and get out there. Party tonight for Michael's birthday, should be fun with a drugged up tall one and a house full of people that I don't exactly know :-) I can't wait!

breakfast companion

breakfast friend

As I was blankly staring out the window this morning, snacking mindlessly on turkey jurkey, I noticed this little guy sitting on the roof of the garage spitting out seeds like a guy chewing on sunflower seeds would. It was kinda cute to watch. I broke out of my haze long enough to go get my camera and he graciously preened back and forth so I could get his good side before heading down the other side of the roof and then flying away.


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

can't make up my mind...

The tall one mentioned that he liked the new look, but also enjoyed having one of my pictures as the header to the blog. Since I don't have the time to fix the other blog template, it's back to the old...but with new colors because it's ALMOST SPRING!!


Saturday while wandering back to the house after dropping Sophie off to have her back struts replaced (yay dirt roads!!) I took quite a few pictures of the cherry blossoms in the neighborhood with the background dominated by the beautiful bright blue sky. Unfortunately since I don't go shooting as much anymore I forget the little things like..oh, I don't know, adjusting the ISO. der. So as I'm scrolling through the shots I'm thinking to myself "man, these shots are NOISY!" I'm such an idiot. I guess that's one thing about lomophotography. Seeing as you just shoot from the hip and don't worry about what comes out until later I guess it's made me forget the technical parts of my DSLR. Oh well.

david gray

On my way back to pick Sophie up, my back started to spasm. Each step I took made pain shoot down my left leg and it was all I could do to walk the 6 or so blocks to the auto repair shop. I played with a new photography iPhone app to keep my mind off of the pain, and you can see the finished product above.

Luckily the tall one had gone to the doctor earlier in the day (well, not so lucky for him...poor thing) and had been given a prescription for vicodin, which kept me in a happy haze for the rest of the weekend.

We did venture out on Saturday to see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX Northgate. Who knew they had an IMAX theater there? I sure didn't.

I have to give another shout out to my lovely tall one for taking care of me when I was yet again broken. The last time this happened was when I drove up to Seattle from LA. My back hurt so bad that I couldn't move from the couch. It was horrible...and I had to deal with it alone in a strange city with no one to help me. I can't tell you how great it was to have someone there, even if just to say "my baby is ow. sad face."

Monday, March 01, 2010

ooh yay! a new look!

I've loved this template for the longest time but it was only available through wordpress, but a recent edit made it available for blogger html use. Be sure to pull on the tab on the top right hand corner!

This weekend was spent in bed. Literally. We finally left bed on Saturday at around 7:30 pm to meet up with Dodi for dinner. Obasan is an ellusive little Japanese restaurant on lower Queen Anne that Dodi and Michael took us to once but after that the tall one and I have had a hell of a time getting back there at a time when it was open. We had luck on our side Saturday night and after a huge bento box filled with katsu I rolled myself back into bed.

Sunday we spent more time in bed, ate an amazing breakfast at Pesos where, after a bad case of the hungry grumps, we (well, he) budgeted out our trips for the year. I'm still scared, but he's helping me to work through all the planning and I'm trying not to freak out on him.

After a lovely dinner and games at his parents house that evening we retreated guessed it...bed. Needless to say no picture taking or hiking was done over the last two days.