Friday, February 26, 2010

what the momma tomato said to the baby tomato

I'm attempting to "ketchup" with some of my photos because I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to. I realized that most of my posts used to be done in the evening, with a glass of wine in hand, away from the pressures of work and completely alone with my thoughts. However now my posts are mostly thrown together at work so that I have time at the end of the day to cook a lovely meal and snuggle in the arms of an adorable man while watching Top Gear. And I'm perfectly happy with that, so dear readers I hope you don't mind fewer words and more pictures. The days of my long winded posts may be over!

Otter Falls

Marten Creek pm

After their trip to Hawaii and hiking on one of the island we were finally able to talk Dodi and Michael into hiking with us...although I do believe it'll be the last long hike they do, sadly. I was really excited to have another couple to hike with and I love spending time with them, but I think we will be regulated to camping trips from now on.

There was still fun to be had. Along the trail Michael continued to upgrade his walking stick until he was basically carrying a small tree up the trail. Dodi put the kabosh on that and insisted the tree be put down. So he threw it down a ravine...a few times with a few different sticks :)

Otter Falls from stacy davis on Vimeo.

There is this scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere is trying to explain opera to Julia Roberts and he said "People's reactions to opera the first time they see it is very dramatic; they either love it or they hate it. If they love it, they will always love it. If they don't, they may learn to appreciate it, but it will never become part of their soul."

That's how I feel about hiking. I feel like I'm not complete if I'm not in the mountains and no matter how hard the trail is, how much I hate it when I'm doing it, how hurt I feel on that last gosh darn mile of hell before I finally return to the trailhead, I'm always glad I did it. Some people don't feel that way and I think Dodi may be one of them. But I'm super duper glad she loves camping so I'm hoping to drag them up to Mowitch Lake for some camping and hiking. We'll see...

Carrie Rodriguez


Yesterday Carrie Rodriguez and her guitar player (can't remember his name, sigh) came in to the office to do a quick interview and performance. Since I usually take stills for our website one of the editors asked me if I could film some b-roll for the interview so I switched my camera to live view and proceeded to learn a new aspect of my camera....and boy do I suck at it.

Carrie Rodriguez from stacy davis on Vimeo.

looking on bw



Speaking of Hawaii...the tall one and I are planning a trip to Oahu at the end of April for a wedding. Not ours, even though his family and friends would love for it to be. The amount of marriage talk we've been getting lately is out of control.

And...also...well...EUROPE!! YAY EUROPE!! We are planning a trip overseas to many different countries, so many that it's freaking me out. I've never been off the continental US and now I'm not only going to Hawaii but I'm going to be on two different continents, Europe and Asia!!

I. Can't. Wait!!!

Boy is this going to be a busy year :-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


green lake pm 2

We are reluctant to venture in our new neighborhood. We miss the Hill. We would rather stay cuddled up in bed then to put on clothes and go outside no matter how pretty the weather...but we still pulled ourselves out of bed on Saturday to wander around Greenlake. We've discovered that it's only a short walk over to this urban oasis and although I'd hoped it would be a nice substitution for Cal Anderson Park I've been disappointed to see only Seattle suburbanites running the path and walking their puppies (who admittedly are adorable, the puppies not the people), massive amounts of children and one strange man playing guitar who likes to yell at old ladies. Granted, he knows them...but still, he's loud.

sunset tree saturation green

We walked the path, stopping at a bench so I could pick his brain about our first month of living together and although we haven't fully finished talking about everything I'm hoping he knows that if there is anything he's going through that we can go through it together now. I think that's one of the cool things about being a couple, you don't have to deal with anything alone anymore unless you want to.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

if only i could write so well...

king street station

This time, the anger lasts long enough for Ebert to write it down. He opens a new page in his text-to-speech program, a blank white sheet. He types in capital letters, stabbing at the keys with his delicate, trembling hands: MY TRIBUTE, appears behind the cursor in the top left corner. ON THE FIRST SHOW AFTER HIS DEATH. But Ebert doesn't press the button that fires up the speakers. He presses a different button, a button that makes the words bigger. He presses the button again and again and again, the words growing bigger and bigger and bigger until they become too big to fit the screen, now they're just letters, but he keeps hitting the button, bigger and bigger still, now just shapes and angles, just geometry filling the white screen with black like the three squares. Roger Ebert is shaking, his entire body is shaking, and he's still hitting the button, bang, bang, bang, and he's shouting now. He's standing outside on the street corner and he's arching his back and he's shouting at the top of his lungs.

read the entire story here

Monday, February 15, 2010

dirty harry's truck

Yes, I've been here three times before, yes with the tall one's help I was finally able to locate the truck, however there were two reasons we decided to head back up that rocky and steep trail: I had heard that there was a hiking register in the glove compartment and also I'd been working out for two months now and the tall one thought this hike would be a good test of my endurance.

It was a drizzly afternoon and after breakfast we headed up to the trailhead and were one of only two cars in the lot. We started the long trek up the mountain and I quickly realized I was hung over from the night before. No good. I was supposed to be judging my endurance! I was supposed to be running up this stupid hill by now, but ooooh no. Stupid alcohol.

lucas dares to sit in the chair

We actually made good time up to the balcony and instead of taking the spur out to it we decided to keep on going to the truck. Once we passed Museum Creek we pushed our way into the woods to find that someone had actually flagged out the route on the spur road! Big cheaters! Of course, it's hard to find that first yellow ribbon but once you do pink ribbons pick up the trail and eventually after some pretty heavy bush wacking the truck eventually comes into view.

the seat

We carefully climbed onto the truck just as the skies opened up and began to dump rain on us by the buckets full. I took a few shots perched on my little ledge but once the rain let up for a second I headed over to the trail to take some shots of the whole thing.

rocks and truck

The rain began falling harder again so we decided to pack it up and head back down. I was in slightly good spirits since I had actually made it up the truck without too much complaining and with energy to spare, but pushing my way back through the brush and then navigating the massive amounts of now slippery rocks took a tole on my merry mood. I wasn't the only one, the tall one began to quicken his stride and quickly gained a big lead on me.

harry's truck too

Luckily we made good time and were off the mountain in about an hour. We attempted to dry off in the car but my undershirt was so soaked that I was still shaking while we waited for dinner at Cedars, just a few short blocks from home.

Rain and exhaustion aside, I'm glad we did this hike. I got some great shots of the truck that not many people can find, I spent a lovely afternoon with the cutest boyfriend ever and bestest hiking partner in the world, and am able to finally say that the gym is not evil, it really is helping me to conquer these trails and hopefully this summer I'll produce some really excellent photos.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

yay! anniversary post!

To celebrate our one year anniversary I decided to have my ex-boyfriend come and stay with us for a weekend. Because, you know, if we can make it through that...

Actually, Bill had this weekend planned for about 5 months and had asked if he and his friends could stay in my apartment for the weekend. I agreed, but then the tall one and I began to cohabitate. Luckily he's awesome and told me to invite the group to come stay at our house. YAY! Our first visitors!

They arrived Thursday night and after drinks and a quick dinner at Flowers on the Ave we headed to bed so we could get an early start the next day. Unfortunately the tall one had to work, but I took the day off. Bill and I had coffee at Cafe Racer (a place right down the street that I've been wanting to check out...and it was awesome) while waiting for Matt and Van to wake up. Once they were up and going it was off to the Seattle Center.


The day was SUPER DUPER beautiful so we decided to head up to the top of the Space Needle. All three had never been and since Van is a shutterbug like me I thought she'd love the view. We then went over to the Sculpture Park before heading up to Quinns on Capitol Hill to meet an old friend of Bill's. Apparently she was his very first love when he was like 6 years old but then she moved away. He said this was the girl that he subsequently compared all other girls to....and it turns out she's gay :) I had invited Casey out since we were on the Hill and so he and I chatted while Van and Matt looked at pictures and Bill and his friend reminisced. Eventually the tall one joined us as well and we finished up drinks and then headed back to the house as Bill wanted to cook us dinner as a thank you for letting them stay.

hanging out

I invited Zach over for dinner and another one of Bill's friends joined us. I can't remember her name, but oh my goodness was she loud. Dinner was yummy and the conversation was good, but the tall one tired easily after a long day at work so we bid everyone good night after a while and let them go off to do their own thing.


I do believe Bill came back late and sat in the living room watching the fire go out. It felt nice that we had made a home so comfortable that even he could sit and be calm in it.


For the life of me I can not remember what the hell we did on Saturday except for seeing Seawolf and the Album Leaf at Nuemos and then finishing the night at the Central where I became very drunk and ate a hot dog.


The next day continued the tour of Seattle with dim sum, a ferry ride, fish and chips at the Owl and Thistle and then wandering around Pioneer least I think that's all we did, I mean seriously we shoved so much crap into three days that by the time they left on Sunday we were so wired that sleep didn't even come and we both got a little sick. Both of us ended up calling in to work on Monday so we could actually sleep since that didn't happen at all on Sunday night.

I brought my film camera with me everywhere so I'm hoping to get some fun shots put up on the blog once I get them developed. I think I have like 5 rolls, I'm really excited to see how they turned out.

..and happy anniversary tall one, I love you and am eternally grateful for you!

                                                        best anniversary pic ever!!   ------>

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Debi Nova

Debi Nova stopped by the offices for a quick interview today and word is coming down that she may be one of our last interviews for quite some time. She didn't perform, just dazzled us with her big smile, lovely accent and attentive makeup artist. No kidding the woman did not leave Debi alone.

first the lipstick

First it was the lipstick, then a quick touch up to the eyes, then the hairspray came out...and that was just when they arrived! (to note she was already made up from an interview just before ours) Then once the interview was under way the makeup artist would jump in every other take to fix Debi's hair or add powder, it was nuts. At one point asking "Do you need more hair? I brought more hair." Goodness.




She was a tiny little thing, but very sweet. She's a latin artist so she's played with Sergio Mendez and Ricky Martin, but I believe is only now working on her first album

debi nova

 She seemed very eager to get that rolling. I can imagine it must be very frustrating performing with all these artists (not only the two I listed but also Q tip and and not have a finished product.

interview too

She spoke spanish fluently and Andrew (who was interviewing her) was worried that she might ask him about his heritage (he's hispanic, last name Trujillo...but he doesn't speak a word of spanish) and I told him that if she asked just laugh and say you can hardly pronounce your own last name...which is true.

Just kidding, he can say his last name...but I think it had to be phonetically spelled out for him.

test shot

By the way I'm SUPER duper excited as I bought a new toy for my Holga which I hope to exploit the heck out of this weekend when Billy and his friends converge on the city of Seattle. The picture above is a slight preview. I hope to get some shots up soon...but you know how it goes with film.

In any case, check out Debi Nova's music here en inglés o español.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Wallace Falls


What a weekend! I can't believe all the stuff we crammed into two days, but man did we get a lot done...and still went HIKING!! YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!

Ok, sorry...where was I?


...I swear that's the last time.

We were picked to host the January family birthday dinner and was told it would be on Sunday, however the tall one texted me Friday with a note saying "don't freak out, but they are coming over tomorrow".

Don't freak out? The house was a MESS! My things were still not unpacked and the living room was covered in boxes. He quickly rallied the troops, assigning food tasks to the family so that I would have the day free to clean. And clean we did! The house was done JUST IN TIME for the family to arrive fashionably late. I made homemade bruschetta and got a little help from Trader Joes Artichoke dip and made a super yummy salad which went well with the pot roast the tall one's mom made (for her own birthday, no less, but I was so grateful to not have to make it).

I think the best compliment we got that night was "your home just feels so inviting".

Sunday morning around 8:30 I slowly woke up in the tall one's arms and quietly said "ok, let's go hiking" to which he exclaimed "OK!" and pushed me out of bed. That's the last time I do that! He made breakfast and we were out the door with packs in hand (after a slightly frustrating search for my camera's battery charger) and in the car an hour and a half later.

The weather forecast had said that Sunday was supposed to be a clear day but as we drove further and further down Highway 2 it was obvious that the rain wasn't going to let up. It didn't dampen our spirits any, we were ready for a hike rain be damned.

fog in the valley

Wallace Falls State Park has been on my list of hikes for a while. I don't mind the cliche waterfall shots, they are pretty and fun for me to practice my landscape photo skills on. With three large waterfalls within less than 3 miles, this was a great trail to get back in the swing of things. I had promised myself that this year I wouldn't be huffing it up the mountain, too weak by the time I made it to the top to really appreciate the view, let alone photograph it so I've spent the last month at the gym prepping for the upcoming season. This hike (at almost 6 miles round trip) was a good test of my endurance.

middle and lower falls

The rain was coming down in big droplets and since my lens does not have a hood (for some reason it didn't come with it, which I thought strange) my lens got quite a bit of moisture on it, ruining some shots unfortunately. The tall one even fashioned a makeshift shelter with his hood at one point, which helped later on the trail as the rain let up a bit and the only thing pelting us was the drippings from the trees.

middle wallace falls

The slight elevation gain to get to the middle falls left me breathless, but my energy level stayed nice and high the entire hike. When we reached upper Wallace Falls both of us looked at each other and said "is that it?". We were ready for more! WHICH WAS AWESOME! I can't even begin to explain how happy that made me, and I finally felt like all that work at the gym was paying off.

Mind you, I used the tall one as a pack mule for most of the trip and only had my camera backpack on for 3/4 of the hike so I was running light, he didn't mind however and I was able to keep up with his fast pace. Yet another thing that made me so freaking happy as last year I had to continuously tell him to slow down.

OH! AND! Even though Wallace Falls State Park is a good hour and a half from our house, the tall one arrived at the trailhead refreshed and ready to go instead of exhausted from a cramped car ride in my little Acura. YAY CRV!

We arrived home around 4:30 and after a nice warm shower the tall one was treated to me yelling insults at the Grammy Award show:

"Why is Beyonce singing a ballad surrounded by storm troopers?"
"OH GOD STEVIE NICKS WHY??! Taylor Swift? The world is ending as I know it."

It was a lovely weekend and I can't wait until we hit the trail again!