Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mt. Saint Helens

As I mentioned in a previous post, I took a trip on Memorial Day to Mt. Saint Helens. I'd never been there, it was a beautiful day and I was in desperate need of a drive.

I'm allergic to volcanos
"I'm allergic to volcanoes"

Other than the whole "yes we know it blew up in 1980, yes there was ash and stuff everywhere, i know I can I have not seen Mt. St. Helens when I lived in Washington for 25 years of my life, and really, seriously pho? never had it? what is wrong with you?" conversation, there isn't much to say about the drive. It was beautiful, there were many "holy shite that's gorgeous" moments, but my favorite was probably when I rounded a corner and saw a breathtaking view of Mt. St. Helens with Mt. Rainer in the background. Two stunning volcanoes just there, in front of me, like "Hi, I'm awesome and can blow up at any minute, worship me".

river of debris
"river of debris" polaroid

Really, the drive was about listening to music and contemplating the new title I'd been given that morning. Not many people can handle an entire day of DMB (or one song for that matter...damn) but I love it. Plus I had promised Dane a full review of the new album, which was provided yesterday and a lot easier than I thought it would be to write. And since the tall one isn't following my blog as of late I can safely say that I pretty much couldn't stop smiling the whole freaking day. Words like us, we and our flow so easily from him. Never have personal pronouns elicited a physical reaction in me but seriously every time I see one come through in a text my face lights up.


I didn't do any hiking, but did notice quite a few trails. I'll be excited to come back a little later in the year for a camping trip.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


you and me
"you and me"

I heard word today that my willow kitty has passed away. She lived to be about 14, so she had a really good life. I wasn't able to keep her as I'm allergic, but my mother took her and treated her so amazingly well. My grandparents had her for the last few months and I've been told that she would lay on my grandma's lap every night while they watched tv. I will miss her still, my little sister, my adorable brown kitty. I dedicate this photo to you :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

will you?

memorial day weekend
"memorial day weekend"

The tall one became the sick one this weekend so plans were slightly modified, but I still got to do most of what I had planned. Saturday morning I woke up early to reward myself for cleaning out my closet by purchasing a couple new dresses. I loathe the mall so I figured if I got there right when it opened I wouldn't have to deal with the massive amounts of teenagers that no doubt would be populating the place. I escaped mostly unscathed with my bank account just a little lighter.

The afternoon brought another opportunity to mark a Seattle event off my list. Folklife was an interesting collection of music, food, teenage girls, sun, walking, belly dancers, and more music. I met a couple of the tall one's friends who couldn't stop talking about how wonderful he is, there were almost tears even. There was something about him that I couldn't put my finger on until that moment. He's only really been in one relationship, very long term and although it ended with a bit of drama he really doesn't have the emotional baggage that most people have at his age. He surrounds himself with really strong, intelligent women and they are all very no-nonsense, which is what he expects out of a relationship. It's so f'ing refreshing to be able to say "No, I don't like that band. Change it or I may vomit on you" and not be worried of the implications of it...well, other than the knowledge that it will be played for torture at a later date. He has an uncanny knack for making me speak without worrying about the consequences of it. I love it. I'm really proud to be his girlfriend.

Sunday after a drive and a nap we went to see a film at SIFF called "Welcome". A French film about a Kurdish teenager who wants to learn to swim the English Channel in order to get to the girl he loves. I had heard about the uproar this movie made in France on NPR, the movie basically likened France's current immigration policy to he plight of Jews in Nazi-occupied France during the Second World War, so it was high on my list of movies to see. It did not disappoint; however it made me so livid that I could not stop crying when the movie abruptly ended. I wept for the close-minded people who refuse to see the refugees as actual humans with families and a heart-breaking story of struggle during a war that we forced upon them. I wept for humanity's unwillingness to accept all cultures, religions and races as one collective soul all struggling to figure out what this life actually means. Just 30 minutes ago the Supreme Court in California decided to uphold Prop 8...sometimes I wish that I was a writer, that I could eloquently say what is on my mind, that I was intelligent enough, that my vocabulary was large enough for me to really convey how frustrated and angry it makes me that Britney Spears can wander into a chapel, drunk in Vegas, and marry someone legally for 48 hours yet two people who are in love, have a long standing commitment to each other, live together and have children...but happen to be the same sex...can't.

sigh. on to happier thoughts.

The Dave Matthews Band has a new album coming out next month that, of course, has already leaked. I downloaded it and after a long night of messages on Facebook with Dane I promised to listen to it thoroughly and report back. I figured the best way for me to truly appreciate it would be to spend the day listening to the old stuff then compare / contrast it with the new. I loaded my iPod and took to the road. I headed down to Mt. St. Helens, as I had never been and I knew it would be a nice long drive. I have many photos, so I'm hoping to create a separate post. However, if I hate them all I should mention here that it was a beautiful drive, the day was perfect and it was nice to have some alone time to contemplate the lovely proposition that I agreed to earlier that morning. And yes, I did run up to tell Casey right away...because I'm a girl like that.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i kinda love her

you start out with a "huh?" but then end up with an "oh my golly, she is so awesome I want to hug her".

kinda like this little girl:

and this lovely lady:

Jumping on a bus going down Ventura Blvd and finding Feist singing would be more than enough reason to move to the Valley :)

On second thought...nope, the Valley sucks. Anyway, it's a Big Blue Bus... aww...Santa Monica I miss you.

And speaking of Feist, my boss has been driving back and forth between B.C. and the states as his girl is Canadian. He's surprised at the amount of Canadian bands that sell out large stadiums up there, but hardly sell tickets for a 200 seat venue in the states. He challenged me to name one big band from Canada, and the only thing that came to mind was Broken Social Scene, who spawned quite a few bands and solo artists. Unsurprisingly, he had no idea who they were. In any case, enjoy Stars: another off shoot of the "not a supergroup" Broken Social Scene:

And since I'm in an L.A. mood: when I left for Seattle (both times) Bill made me a CD of songs from Sia. We were both fans of Six Feet Under and it's still impossible for me to watch the last 6 minutes of the series without completely breaking down. As I drove down the 10 on that February morning a year ago, merging onto the 5, "Breathe Me" began to play through the speakers of my radio and I knew that I was beginning a new chapter of my life. Bill knew it too, that's why he put the song first. I was so emotional I had to pull to the side of the road to let it pass. It's so interesting now to watch the following video because I did leave, just as Claire did, and I found photography, just as she did, and when I die I hope to be surrounded by the photos of everyone I've ever loved, just as she...oh, wait. Hopefully you'll watch and know what happens.

In any case, if you've never watched Six Feet Under because you think it's pretentious bullshit...get over your self, it's fucking good. Just watch it.

Oh, and if you haven't watched it and now plan on doing so since I've called you out on your douchery for not having watched it for fear of persecution from your tragically hipster friends, don't click on the following video:

Monday, May 18, 2009


I've held off on posting my thoughts about Dollhouse until I knew it would be picked up for another season...the upfronts are in and the verdict is?


It's no secret that I'm a Joss Whedon fan. I've been in love with Buffy for as long as I can remember. Every Tuesday I was glued to my TV (this was before Tivo, kiddies), I can quote my favorite episodes verbatim, I never tire of the tragic story of Buffy and Angel and I still cry when she shoves that sword through his heart and sends him to hell in "Becoming, Part Two"...and yes, I'm that much of a dork that I call the episodes by their name. Deal with it.

I was excited about Dollhouse, but the idea of it being on Fox turned me off. After what they did to Firefly I was scared to invest the time in the show for fear that I would fall in love with the characters and not be able to follow their development. For reference, you can see Joss's excellent character development on Buffy, but it's really most evident in Angel: the story runs so deep that you hardly recognize the characters you were introduced to in seasons 1 and 2 by the time season 5 ends. I still have a hard time watching Firefly because of the disappointment of an under developed show that never had a chance to actually grow due to studio pressures, so when rumors of a re-written first episode and a heavy hand from the studio on the first few episodes of Dollhouse were floating around I was turned off.

Of course, I watched it anyway. How could I not?

I'm so glad I did because the last few episodes were so excellent they had me shooting up in my seat yelling "WHHAAATT??! SERIOUSLY?!!" The Fox aired season finale "Omega" (there is still one more episode that they are not airing, but will be on the DVD called "Epitaph One") penned by the amazing Tim Minear was filled with so many "oh my golly" revelations that if they didn't bring this show back I would have knocked on the door of Kevin Reilly myself and said "um...what the f?" As he said to the press: ""Not to mention, if we had canceled Joss’ show, I’d probably have 110 million e-mails this morning."

No shit.

Since I'm not the most eloquent of writers, I'd like to quote a few bloggers who have been able to incorporate their love for Joss's vision and also the importance of his strong female characters on mainstream TV, of which we are very much lacking, and his deep feminist ideas.

I really recommend reading this entire post at Tiger Beatdown, but here are some highlights:

Dollhouse is, pretty much specifically and entirely, a show about consent. It's built around an organization - the titular Dollhouse - which erases volunteers' personalities and memories and renders them childlike and passive, in order to implant them with new, built-to-order personalities custom made for wealthy clients who wish to order the "perfect" person for a specific job. The purpose for which these mind-wiped folks (called "dolls," and I do not think that we are for a second supposed to miss how creepy that term is) are rented out is, primarily, sex. Also, they have no knowledge of or ability to consent to the "engagements" for which they are rented out. Also, they seem, in large part, to not really be volunteers at all - most of the ones we know about, including the central character, Echo, have become dolls in order to get out of jail time or worse, and one woman in particular was literally sold into the organization. Also, several Dolls have been used for sex by Dollhouse employees, sometimes with the illusion of consent in place and sometimes not.

So, at this point, people were like, "um, is noted feminist auteur Joss Whedon aware that he is making a show about forced prostitution and rape?" Whedon's politics have repeatedly been called into question, and usually for damn good reason. (Here is the thing about doing stuff that appeals to politically engaged audiences: you cannot fuck up politically and have people fail to notice or just go, "oh well, par for the course, ha ha ha!" You get yelled at. Sorry. Deal.) Dollhouse, in particular, had the potential to be hugely offensive. Here is the thing: Whedon, unlike most folks and many feminist or progressive-identified dudes, seems to actually listen when he is called out and to improve his work accordingly. In the case of Dollhouse, I think he is doing smarter work than he ever was. Getting smarter about oppression, I would submit to you, requires making the visible manifestations of it or metaphors for it much, much uglier.

The answer to whether Joss Whedon and his showrunners know how rape-culturey the entire Dollhouse concept is would seem to be, at this point, a big huge Yes. The Dollhouse is a giant metaphor, not only for rape culture, but for patriarchy and oppression at large: even the boy dolls are girls, stripped of agency or access to power and cast in pre-defined roles to fulfill the fantasies of the folks who are actually in charge. When they have sex, they aren't consenting - they've been made to think that they are consenting, by being made to think that they are the people who would consent to such things. They exist either in a state of infantilization and non-personhood (in which they are "cared for" by people who have a vested interest in continuing to use them) or implanted with false consciousness in which they are not aware of what's being done to them. I mean, false consciousness: Whedon's metaphors, they are rarely subtle. Their reactions to learning this, when they "wake up" (which Whedon has shown them doing, albeit briefly) are horror, disgust, and rage at how deeply they've been violated.

That seems, to me, like a much bigger and more profound and all-encompassing metaphor than saying that some boys are vampires and will turn evil if you fuck them. Just saying.

From Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune:

When it premiered, the general consensus on "Dollhouse" (8 p.m. Central Friday, Fox; three and a half stars) was that it had potential but that the vision for the show hadn't quite gelled.

Friday's season finale finds the Joss Whedon show reaching its potential, and then some (rest easy, what's below does not contain spoilers).

The episode, "Omega," does all the things that Whedon's shows do at their best: It delivers action, suspense, quippy dialogue and a tangled set of relationships, all while asking thorny questions about human nature.

Around Episode 4 of "Dollhouse," I was doubting whether this show could overcome its rather strained, repetitive beginnings. My doubts are gone now; the most recent bunch of episodes have been stellar.

I challenge you to find another show that overtly discusses the malleability of the soul and is also chock full of witty dialogue and bone-breaking action. The TV world would be a much less interesting place if "Dollhouse" weren't in it, though I wonder if one more season of the show is all fans should hope for -- at most.

like a really big sneeze

"didn't have a camera by my side this time
hoping I would see the world through both my eyes"

Please don't hate me for quoting John Mayer but the lyric fits for my weekend. I had so much fun, saw so many things and it was nice for once to not experience it through my viewfinder.

So, no pictures just a journal entry. Feel free to check back tomorrow for some daisy pictures. I'll be on the search for them later today.

The tall one had my route on Thursday and Friday and I got to see him all day, which was both awesome (yay afternoon kisses!) and fun as it became the office gossip when they saw us together, love it, so Friday I decided to spend it home alone. Justin had just returned from Belgium and Casey was trying to get me to come out, but I'm waiting until next paycheck as I'm broke broke broke. Saving up for a camera is hard! I turned off the lights, lit some candles and had a nice cry with Grey's Anatomy. I swear to you, that shit is therapy. It's a nice release, actually. I don't cry much anymore and sometimes it feels good. Like a really big sneeze.

Saturday Casey texted me that he needed some Stacy time so I took him out of the city and up to Edmonds to wander around the beach and watch the ferry. He's been down lately, but we all go through this and he's dealing with it in a very healthy way. I'm actually really proud of him. I'm a big fan of understanding your emotions and he's been spending a lot of time sorting them out, which is way healthier than just pushing them aside and not acknowledging them. Although, sometimes he can think a little bit too much. It's weird how we can be a slave to our own minds, not being able to quiet the voices that tell us all the negative things but we have no problem shutting out the positive.

I dropped Casey off and met up with Lucas for a trip to Costco. I hadn't been there in AGES and I was a little overwhelmed and for a second felt like a third world refugee who had never seen a grocery store before. The amount of food that was stacked row upon endless row was enough to feed a small nation and yet we wander passed it, completely oblivious to how lucky we actually are to have access to this much crap...and I do mean crap. Have you ever read the "nutritional facts" of a Marie Calendars Pot Pie? Holy hell. However, before I knew it our cart was filled and things I never thought I needed that much of I now had. Except for the toilet paper...yes, I actually do need 36 rolls.

After the division of food (thank you, thank you, thank you!) we went chasing the sunset on Somerset. My favorite view by far was at the golf course. The sun was hovering right above the Cascades with Seattle backlit and dark, each neighborhood rolling out from the center of the city like waves. There was an older gentleman who was unpacking his Pentax old school medium format film camera and this huge telephoto lens (I'm thinking around 500mm, but I didn't ask) that he told me they no longer make due to the chemicals that go into creating it. I love talking with the older photographers and I probably would have chatted his ear off, but we had other spots to check out so we left him to photography the pretty.

I had been wanting to rent a kayak and go boating on Lake Washington for the longest time so when the tall one suggested it as a Sunday activity I jumped up in glee...ok, not really, but I was really excited about it. It was sooo much fun! There were turtles and herons, huge meadows of daisies and long pathways of water with overhanging branches covered in beautiful green leaves. We stopped for a picnic and watched the other boaters for a while before heading back to drop off the kayak. The street fair was going on up on the Ave and we wandered around that for a while, eating mini doughnuts and corn dogs all the while adding to the lovely sunburn that made itself known to me this morning in the shower. Ouch.

Lucas is always surprised when we do something that is quintessential Seattle fun and I say it's my first time ever doing it. It's strange to me too as I grew up here, but really I only spent time in the city the last few years that I lived in Washington before moving to LA. Most of my time was spent in the south end and I hardly ever got up to Seattle. My memories are of Mt. Rainer and the Puyallup Fair with the occasional trip to the Space Needle.

Let me preface this with: I wouldn't give up last year for anything. I was able to move home, learn photography and explore the mountains with a good friend...but underneath it all was frustration, sadness, fear and a longing for something more. That is all gone now. The people I surround myself with let me be me, I don't have to hold back or pretend to be what I feel they want me to be. I don't fault my old friend for anything, I think the idea of me was what he was looking for rather than the actual me. I changed quite a bit from the girl he once knew and even though I tried, I couldn't go back.

As I begin my summer months with a new friend by my side and a happiness in my heart I'm so grateful for life, friends and family and for the opportunity to be me...unquestionably me.

Besides, it's way to exhausting trying to be someone else. I'm a handful as is :-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

when the skies clear

we will be blowing kisses

blowing kisses

Monday, May 11, 2009

enough words, picture time

ok well...only three...but they are whatever...ellipsis

shoe tree
"shoe tree"

vintage marble
"vintage marble"

little lover's so polite
"little lover's so polite"

ps...I got the passive aggressive jab...done like a true washingtonian...touche.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mothers day

I didn't expect to cry today. I made it through till now. It's an hour to midnight and I'm listening to my friend Bill on He is playing a song called "Fatherless Child" and before he played it he said "I wasn't going to make this song about me, but this song is dedicated to my mom. Happy Mothers Day". I broke down, his mom passed away years ago and I know it's always been something that has hung over him in his adult life, and here I have the opportunity to talk to my mom and see her anytime I want and yet it's hard for me to have longer than a 10 minute conversation with her.

When I moved back to Seattle an old high school boyfriend contacted me, wanting to hang out or catch up or whatever it is that people do when they feel low about their lives and want to re-live the "good ole days". I was surprised to hear that he had a 10 year old daughter. I asked how it was being a father to someone that age and he said that he doesn't spend much time in her life, he doesn't have much in common with her. I thought to myself, what the hell? She's your daughter and you have nothing in common? My long time friend has a son that he never sees even though they live in the same state. I know women who have children to save a marriage, men who are convinced their girlfriend got pregnant on purpose. Women who have multiple kids from different men....gah. I do have a point here, and it is:

When my mom was my age she was a single mom with a 12 year old daughter. I can't even take care of a plant, let alone a kid. I hated her for the longest time. I wanted a home, a father, a school that I could stay at for longer than a year, a mother I could count on to love me more than her boyfriend. As I get older and my friends and people I know grow up I see more and more what my mom was going through. Really the woman never should have had a kid, but I see now that it wasn't wasn't that she didn't love me, it was just that she was having a hard enough time taking care of herself let alone another human being. I was a burden to her, but everything she did was to help us survive. She never gave up on me and always tried to provide for me.

Every Christmas there was a mound of presents under the tree, on my 16th birthday there was a car in the driveway with a big red bow, she paid for my living expenses for two years after high school because I decided I wasn't ready for college just yet. She did so many amazing things for me, and I love her for all of that.

Yes, she has done some very messed up things and yes, she has backed herself into a place right now that only she can help herself out of and man am I having a hard time watching that...but I love her. No matter what.

I called Bill on his radio show tonight to tell him that I spoke to Ma today and that she got upset with me because I tried to get her to call Grandma. She wouldn't because Grandma hasn't reached out to her since she got out of rehab. I said "Mom, I'm still angry with you and yet I've called to wish you a happy mothers day". Bill said "but that's what's good about you, mu. You can separate the good from the bad, you don't hold someone's faults against them, you love them anyway and aren't biased when it comes to what is most important."

Thank you for always knowing me better than I know myself.

Mom, if I could tell you anything and have you really listen it would be: I love you, no matter what, I love you. Your choices drive me crazy and sometimes I wish that you would learn from your mistakes and realize that you can't find happiness in a man, that happiness comes from within and once you find that there isn't anything you can't do. But still I love you. I wish that you would take an interest in me and in my life, you've raised a pretty cool kid, but even if you don't I'll still love you. I wish you wouldn't perpetuate this idea in our family that we can't get over grudges and that we can't communicate with each other, and yet still if you never talk to your parents until the day you or they die...I'll still love you.

Do you get it yet?

I hope you had a great day.

third times the charm

Found it...HA!

But first:

Friday brought last minute Mothers Day deliveries so my favorite man in brown was at work until late late late. I called Casey and asked him to help fill my time with some drinks and he was kind enough to oblige. Love him. I met him up at Smiths and was introduced to my new favorite bartender, Jeff. This adorable little guy who turned me onto grapefruit bitters, a lovely addition to my gin and tonic. I think I finished the bottle. Mr. Kool texted me that he was over playing dodge-ball, so Casey and I took the opportunity to try out the new taco place, Rancho Bravo next to the courts. He had already tried the tacos and assured me they were yummy; and he was not wrong. The tall one met us there around 9:30, poor kid, and after introducing him to Mr. Kool we headed back up to Smiths where we assaulted our livers a little more.

Saturday morning brought beautiful blue skies and an ache for the mountains. I woke up early and watched the tall one sleep for what seemed like forever. I didn't want to wake him because I knew he was exhausted after the long week, but I wanted the trail. Besides, I hadn't hiked with him before and honestly I was a bit nervous about having a new person to hike with. I didn't know if he would hate it, if he would be slow, if I would be too slow, if his legs would be too tired from the week, could I count on him up there? All these questions made me ancy which is why I'm sure I couldn't sleep past 8 am.

when it was first discovered
"when it was first discovered"

There were two goals on this trip: one, reach the balcony and two, find the damn truck. I'd already been up there twice so I was familiar with the trail all the way to the balcony. We got there in good time and sat out on the ledge alone enjoying the view and lunch. I started to see that look in his eyes; the enjoyment, the wonder, the happiness of being on the trail. It was pretty cool and I was beginning to really enjoy the company. Besides, kisses when we reach the summit? Awesome.

down below
"down below" ttv

Time to find the truck. We backtracked out and continued up the trail. It's 1.5 miles to the turn off for the balcony and another .5 miles to the balcony, so we were logged in at 2.5 miles and an elevation gain of 1233 feet. Not too bad, but from there the next mile has an approximate gain of about 1000 feet, which sucked. I'm actually surprised that more people don't take this trail. It's beautiful, well maintained, many amazing view points, the history is pretty interesting, there are sweeping views at Dirty Harry's peak and it kicks your ass...well, mine at least!

We came upon Museum Creek and thanks to the "map" that one of the hikers at posted up, I knew the truck to be straight up it about a 100 feet or so. However the brush is very thick and the snow was like a 1000 year old bridge that threatened to collapse with a single touch. There were two entry ways listed on the "map", one of which was up past the creek on the main trail and then had you back track down. We decided to find that trail instead of braving the creek bed.

However, the trail was not to be found. At this point I was exhausted, ready to give up, and cursing Dirty Harry's name with the vulgarity of a truck driver. We turned around and started back down. We came upon the creek again and Lucas stopped. He said "that kind of looks like the trail, doesn't it connect again down on this side?" He proceeded to follow it into the brush. Honestly, I didn't want to go. I was tired, I was frustrated, I was over it. But damnit if he wasn't going to find that truck for me. He came to a spot to cross the creek and I was thinking to myself "he's not going to cross...damn, he's crossing it...well, he's not going to hell, now I have to go in there".

Sure enough, you could see the spur road clear as day with the snow. The issue again was that damn snow. I fell through it more than once and after traversing the creek I was soaking wet, squishy wet, my pants were so soaked I could ring them out. Lucas was way ahead of me and wasn't stopping, he was a mad man! I couldn't believe it! Where did he find the strength?! I was stuck in the snow up to my ass and didn't want to move. Then he exclaimed "Truck!"

raaaaiiiinnnneeeerrrrr beeeeeeer
"raaaaiiiinnnneeeerrrrr beeeeeeer"

I couldn't believe it. There it was! Three trips, almost 20 miles logged, elevation to erratic to count due to multiple trips off the trail and finally, success! YAY!!

a spark
"a spark"

Lucas helped me up over the banks of snow once I crossed the stream and I hung on to the canopy to take a few shots of the inside of the truck and also the engine. I had a few planned shots, but I had no idea of the terrain the truck was up against and also how exhausted I would be once I reached it. However a victory shot was much needed and thankfully taken by my excellent hiking partner.

yay truck!
"yay truck!"

As we sat across from each other that evening, exhausted on my couch, I listened to him talk about the day, about finding the truck, about how beautiful it was up there, how amazing that it's only 40 miles away from the city, multiple well deserved exclamations of YAY!...on and on it went and I was reminded of my first hike and how I felt after. It was so great and I can't tell you how much it meant to me that he really enjoyed it. I've wanted so badly to have another friend to share the mountains with and my expectations of him were totally blown. He was an awesome hiking partner, a fun companion...and the kisses weren't too bad either :)

Monday, May 04, 2009

strike two

Dirty Harry is laughing at me from his grave, I'm sure of it.

Before I get into yet another disappointment on the Dirty Harry trail, I'll fill you in on the weekend which can be summed up with one photo:

a long night
"a long night"

After one failed attempt, Lucas and I successfully ate an excellent meal at a Vietnamese place in the U District on Friday, however later that evening Jack did him in a little worse than poor Casey in the above picture.

Dane flew in Saturday and crashed at my place that night. He invited his friend Jenny over and I invited Casey and we had a little party at my house, which was fun however I missed the tall one. When Jenny walked in to my apartment she saw all the photos on the wall and asked "What is all this?" and Dane said "She's a photographer"...which was the first time I was ever described as such. It felt good, damn good.

Sunday brought breakfast at the 5 Spot on Queen Anne...soooo good...and then with full belly I bid Dane and Jenny goodbye (after her asking me out, which was adorable. It'll be nice to have some girlfriends up here) and decided to head up to Dirty Harry again.

trillium ttv
"trillium ttv"

I drove up the road a little to verify where the actual trail was and then parked my car at the gate and walked in the 1/2 mile to the trail. It's a steady rocky climb with not much of anything to look at other than trees, however I did spot some trillium, which I was happy about, and some violets.

The map I had found stated that Dirty Harry's truck was on the side of Museum Creek about 100 feet up and the map showed a wide creek crossing the trail and when I came upon it, with a very sketchy "bridge" over it, I decided to just hike it into the brush and follow the creek. However, there is a lot of run off right now and I encountered many creeks flowing once I made it into the woods. I figured I'd follow the largest of them all since there was only one on the map and I started up the hill.

As I've said before, the biggest issue with this mountain is that Dirty Harry clearcut the entire area so there are rotting logs and hidden holes everywhere. Navigating through the terrain is dangerous and tricky. I'm lucky I didn't fall into the creek, but I twisted my ankle pretty good about three times. I stopped quite a few times to scan the area, thinking that the truck would be camouflaged by the brush, but I saw nothing.

dirty harry junk
"dirty harry junk"

I spent a good hour and a half searching, but nothing. So I headed back up to the actual trail and decided at least I could make it to the balcony. I came upon this junk in the trail and tried my hand at some more ttv. I hate this shot, though. I took a few others and have been working on it, but I added this one in as apparently this marks the way to the turn off for the balcony. Had I read further along in the trip report I would have known this, but of course I didn't so I continued on up what is actually the trail to Dirty Harry's Peak and, if you continue, Web Mountain. I came to a rocky clearing and was rewarded with views of McClellan Butte, Mt. Washington and the Iron Horse trail way below me. Landscape shots are eluding me, but honestly photography is taking a back seat at the moment on this trail so I can find that damn truck.

lil buggy
"lil buggy"

I decided to turn around about a mile up the road and backtrack to the main trail. Curiosity got the best of me again when I saw hiker markers along the trail and I headed back into the woods to see if I could find the truck, but again nothing and I had wasted enough time on this trip. My only consolation is I found a lovely hiking stick for the season....and I shall name it Harry.

I am positive with a GPS I could find what I'm looking for, but although this search has been exhausting it's like a little treasure hunt and when I do finally find it on my own without any electronic help I will feel a nice sense of accomplishment. Or I better...because damn.

Friday, May 01, 2009

an interesting note...

I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning and after getting ready and grabbing a yogurt and banana to start my day, I opened my door to find the following note:

After multiple "what the f" text messages to friends and a call to the two people in my life that are self-proclaimed geeks, Casey and Lucas, who's apparent knowledge of the correct equation to solve this problem left their heads the moment the class was over, I was at a loss.

An e-mail address was left on the bottom of the note so I responded with the following:

Hello my neighbor!

Thank you for thinking I can in any way shape or form answer a math question that is not 1+1 (which, btw equals two...yay me!) however I can not solve the puzzle you have placed on my door.

Perhaps you were intending it for another neighbor, or maybe you've seen me in the building and said to yourself "hey, that girl looks like a math wiz, I'll ask her!". If the latter is the case, I'm flattered. I don't even wear glasses!

However, if the former is the case then forget I said anything other than.....huh?


Stacy in #203.

An interesting start to what is sure to be a fun weekend. Dane will be in town and we plan on celebrating with the drink! Also, kisses (mmm...kisses) this evening and who knows what Sunday will bring.

Yay weekend!