Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Adventures

Just as I did in 2008, I'm archiving my 2009 adventures and presenting my favorite shots of the year. I actually put together another website called "lost in the ecotone" where I will be putting my favorite shots from this year and the coming years. I love having my blog to write the stories, but that site will eventually be my main photography site and will link to this blog.


2009 Adventures

Fort Flagler
Magnuson Park
Dirty Harry 1st Attempt
Dirty Harry Strike Two
Dirty Harry's Museum Found!
Mt. Saint Helens
Lake Serene / Bridal Veil Falls
Granite Mountain
Isabelle Ides / Shi Shi / Forks / Ocean Shores
My Big Gay Weekend
Spray Falls / Spray Park
Los Angeles
Stephie's Wedding Weekend
DMB at the Gorge
Blue Lake

Favorite Photos Of 2009

yellow larches four

sunset colors

spray of the falls

final silver at shi shi

south prairie at sunset

ferry waves

funny the way it is

finding blue

as big as the sea, as wide as the sky


the green lion sleeps tonight

when it was first discovered

blowing kisses

cha cha



christmas in LA

jolie santa

I love my cousins. I can't think of a better christmas present than to be with them, and I was lucky enough to do just that this holiday. I was sick, I still am actually, but it didn't matter. We stayed up late every night talking and laughing and playing and taking pictures. Strangely enough I only took out my camera on Christmas day. The rest of the time it sat neatly in my camera bag while I enjoyed the scenery with my own two eyes. I let Carolyn be the photographer this time around.

the mother load

We didn't give each other much this christmas, which was great because I didn't have much to give, but I did make a book for the family with pictures from their trip up to Seattle that made Carolyn quietly tear up and that made me feel really good. I'm surprised at how well my pictures are translating as gifts. Everyone seems really excited to get them and it makes me feel like I'm giving people not only something that I've created but also a little piece of me. It's kinda cool.

george and winnie

The tall one came down on Saturday and after hanging out with the family for a little while we had dinner in Burbank with Jen, who I love and miss, and had so much fun before heading back to Manhattan Beach to stay at his Grandpa's house. The next morning we drove over to The Kettle, my favorite breakfast place, and had yummy food and mimosas. It was so great being back in the neighborhood I spent so much time in and it was very, very hard to leave it.

christmas on the beach

As I flew into Seattle the sun was setting, casting a pink glow on the buildings of downtown. The scene is typically my favorite and always feels like the city is welcoming me home...but this time, knowing the tall one was not there and my friends and family were so far away, it just felt lonely.


Oh so cliche...but after 2009 I'm kinda finding it necessary to create a list of them. Not that this year was terrible, I met and fell in love with an amazing man who showed me dim sum and pho and shared with me a love of beer, together we went to festivals and spent weekends in bed watching BSG and The Wire. However, I became rolly polly, but not in a "I'm comfortable in my relationship and don't have to work at it" kind of way, but more "my boyfriend keeps feeding me all this awesome food and there's so much to do that I have zero time to exercise".

When I don't exercise, no matter how well I eat, I blow up like a Macy's thanksgiving day balloon.


Anyhoo, since I love hiking so much and I'd prefer being able to climb up a mountain without my boyfriend a 1/2 a mile ahead of me skipping up the trail carrying all our gear because I can hardly make it up the swtichbacks then I better join a damn gym. Since the tall one's friend Dodi has a membership at a small gym on Queen Anne, I'm going to join her there and hopefully will have someone to hold me accountable to get my ass up and going when I just want to stay in bed and snuggle.

Resolution #1: Join a gym and exercise at least 4 times a week. One of those days will include one weekend day unless a hiking outing is planned. Yoga will be in addition to and will not be counted as a day of exercise.

I know it's on everyone's list, but I actually f'ing mean it. I'm doing it and I don't care how cliche it is. Also, I put it as number one because being in shape gives me the energy to hike, to explore, and to do more than just work and sleep which is essential for the rest of my resolutions.

Another thing that took a backseat this year to my exploration of Seattle funtivities and my love of snuggles was my photography. It was a bit of a milestone year as I decided to fully invest in my new passion and purchased a Nikon D90: a thousand dollar camera, and then kept the spending going on two lenses and the most expensive filter I've bought to date. Funny thing about not having a boyfriend is that you have a lot of time to yourself. In 2008 I worked so hard on learning photography not only because I had a love for it but also because I didn't have much else...it was a good way to fill my time. However my time in 2009 was filled with the cutest boyfriend ever!

Resolution #2: Enroll in the photography program at the University of Washington.

The fall courses begin in August which will give me more than enough time to do:

Resolution #3: Leave the country at least once this year.

I have a feeling that since the tall one purchased a new house this year our travels will only be to Canada or perhaps Mexico, but it's still another country, and I will still get to use my new passport.

Speaking of the tall one (when am I not, though...seriously) I'm saving a particularly scary resolution for him. I keep coming back and re-writing this paragraph because I don't know how to word it. I know how I feel which is I love him, I want to spend the rest of my life with him, married with babies, traveling the world and enjoying this life with the the enthusiasm of youth for the rest of our days...but I feel like I'm not supposed to say that. Because...well, I don't know why. It's dumb. I can think up all these reasons: I don't want to end up like my mother who goes from one man to another, I don't want to move in for financial reasons, I don't want to be taken care of, I don't want to be afraid that he'll cheat because he needs outside validation from someone he doesn't see every single freaking day...

...but I'm not my mother, and I've proven that I can take care of myself in both Seattle and the big scary Los Angeles, I don't need to move with him because I can still pay my rent and live, sparingly, but I can still do it just fine. As for seeking outside validation, well, the jury is still out on that and it's a sticking point for me. I'm still afraid I'll never be enough. But that's life. I can't stop doing things because I'm afraid. I never have, I've jumped into every situation knowing that it could all blow up in my face but if I hadn't done it I would have never known and I would have always wondered.

I have never said "what if I had..." so:

Resolution #4: Happily and successfully move in with my boyfriend and refrain from bringing in the baggage from previous attempts with other ill fated relationships and all my mother issues along with me.

There are other little things I'd like to do: run a marathon, buy a new car, finally get a computer set up so I can start editing my photos correctly, get an xbox so I can obliterate friends on Gears of War, spend more time with Casey, make his house our home, get more of my LA friends to visit me up here...but I believe these four things are essential for the project that is "Stacy".

It's an ongoing project, but it's showing a lot of promise :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

one eskimo

One eskimO

I woke up to the grumpiest of moods. The grey Seattle skies did nothing to pull me out of my hormone induced melancholy. Work was one annoying request after another. Then 4:00 rolled around and four adorable boys from London walked into the office with instruments in hand. Their charm was disarming, their sound was calming, their accents were so adorable that I could have listened to them all day. They were One eskimO.

adam black&white

I have a little crush on Adam. I think it's his hair, but his smile was so warm...and plus I think I have a little bit of a thing for drummers.

or scarfy European guys :)

sorry tall one...

adam falkner


this one is straight from the camera with only a cropping done in photoshop. I love lighting. It's nice to have a person so perfectly lit that there is no need to do any post processing. I hope to spend some time learning about off camera lighting next year.


The skies were dark and we could see the traffic stretching far, backed up from the bridge. If they were going to make it to their show at the Crocodile in an hour we would have to cut the interview short, which we ended up doing. Still, it was a nice end to a day that began with a grump.

Monday, December 14, 2009


one word...yum.

I was sick....

                .....and then we made rum balls!!

oooooh, and then my boyfriend made me veeeeery happy, and then we had lunch with his family, and then we slept, and then he made me breakfast in bed, and then we went to Costco, and did I already mention the rum balls? and then we watched the Wire and then Dodi and Michael came over and to eat the rum balls...YUM!! RUM BALLS!!!

The year is winding down and since I'll be in LA for the holidays I may save my end of the year post for after Christmas, but I've been spending a lot of time putting together my favorite photos from the last year. I actually am giving my photos for gifts this year, the first time I think I have a decent enough collection to print up. I hope people like them...because I'm too broke to buy anyone anything :) 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monday, December 07, 2009

Kerry Park

After the heartbreaking exclamation "come on, let's go!" the tall one and I ventured, reluctantly on his part, out of the house on Saturday. I mostly wanted to catch the sunset from Kerry Park but I had also heard of a vendor fair that I knew the tall one would like. After wandering through and purchasing a fun new toy, he suggested heading over to The Counter for lunch. I had heard about two burger joints in Ballard that were model after the "Father's Office" style of burgers and The Counter was one of them. It was yummy, but there were many options to choose from and for a first timer it can be a bit overwhelming.


The sun was setting fast so after grabbing some caffeine at Peet's we headed up to Queen Anne. The park was very crowded when we arrived and I ran over to stake my claim on some real estate and left the tall one to guard the flag while I took photos of the sky.

sky on fire

I was focusing on the skyline and the tall one said "nothing against my city, because I do think it's beautiful, but the sky is putting on quite a show". Sure enough when I turned to face the setting sun the sky had turned an amazing red.

my city at sunset

Check this one out all big and on black

Mostly I was focused on getting bracketed shots so I could experiment with HDR. I was becoming very frustrated with the process and I didn't understand why I couldn't figure out the processing once I uploaded all my photos. I'm not sure if I just wasn't taking the correct exposures or if I wasn't composing my shots well...but darn it if I didn't make some pretty HDR shots from what I took on Saturday. The main issue is that my monitor over saturates all the colors so I have no idea what the true color looks like until I upload it to flickr and then check it on my iphone. It's quite the process, however I'm pretty darn happy to finally have figured it out. (can I say process one more time? geesh stacy, thesaurus much?)

cutest couple ever!

Speaking of happy :)

setting sun

I was going to do a whole post on Kerry Park, and I will, but this photo deserves it's own post.

sunset colors high sat

see this one large and on black

Thanks for checking out my site, Dane :) Seattle misses you

Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's that time of year again...


zooooom burst

hehe :)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

thanksgiving weekend


The tall one enjoys cooking with me and downloaded the Epicurious app for the iPhone with which he located this yummy strata recipe. We went shopping for all the ingredients and then put together everything that evening to let the dish set overnight, which was a big mistake because in the morning the bread on the bottom had become all soggy...but the top sure did look pretty!

table setting

We arrived on time to his parents house, much to the surprise of the family, on Thanksgiving day to the smell of turkey cooking in the oven. The table was festively set by his aunt Melody, complete with the menu for the evening. As I shot the table I noticed my frames were coming out very dark. I went to the on camera editing for one shot and I realized that I could use the active d-lighting setting to balance out the light. I got so excited I almost yelled "yay!!" out loud, but I realized that I'd sound like a big nerd when I explained why I had yelled, so I didn't.


While I sat chit chatting with his family, the tall one made his way back to the computer. After a while we found him and demanded he come and stir some shit, which he did, and I took his picture, which he hated...but I love this shot of him. The shadows on his face are so menacing and bring out his little smirk.

cutting the turkey

Even if I had nerded out Charlie, the tall one's uncle, would have totally understood. He's a nature photographer and I'm in awe of him. I still haven't worked up the nerve to talk shop with him, mostly because I don't think I'm that great. I've been in a slump lately when it comes to my photography after a bad experience with a local photographer but mostly because I don't have anyone to really talk with about it...I should join a club or something.

After dinner with the fam we headed over to Dodi and Michael's house for drinks. The Apples to Apples game was brought out again but I only played a little bit before heading for the couch. The combination of food, drink and having to keep up small talk the entire day had taken it's toll.

I almost didn't get Friday off, but luckily I guilted my boss into letting me stay home. Instead of braving the shopping crowds we decided to lay in bed for a bit watching The Wire, but the allure of the sunset was too much for me and we jumped in the car and I pointed it south. I had an idea to go to Dash Point State Park but we were hungry so I had the tall one do a search for food in the area (at first he asked if there were any restaurants that held any nostalgia for me in the south end and I said "um...the Olive Garden?" oy suburbia) and came up with Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse.

I want to go to there.

They had peanuts on the floor, bud light on tap, and served burgers on a hubcap. We were so ironically enjoying it that for a second we began to actually enjoy it. But soon the country music became too much and we decided to head over to Costco and check out their beer selection. I typically try not to spend too much time in the south end because it reminds me of how my life could have been had I not moved and being in Costco surrounded by the very same people that I didn't want to become was a bit overwhelming. Interesting too was that each Costco carries regional products and this particular one was filled with so much...well, crap. Toys, clothes, knick knacks, electronics, and a big display with Sarah Palin's book prominently displayed. The one in Seattle is filled with food, food, more food, tires, drugs and underwear. You know, the essentials.

We finally made it down to Dash Point at dusk, but all my shots suck so I'm not posting them.

buggy one

Saturday was a very strange day. Everywhere we went something went wrong, but we got our passport photos (YAY!!), a warm jacket for me to celebrate John Lennon, a jacket for him that his mother will not approve of and windshield wipers for my car that I was strangely excited to use. I can't remember if he found this little buggy on Saturday or Sunday while raking leaves in his front yard, but it's a cool little thing.

Sunday...bed. The Wire. snuggles. kisses. heaven.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


fall colors

there was a big pile of leaves next to my apartment and I couldn't help but photograph them. I stayed out there arranging leaves until it was almost dark.

starfish leaf