Monday, February 23, 2009


There is an episode of Six Feet Under called "Ecotone". If you are a fan of this show, you know that within the first two minutes someone always dies. In this episode, a man who was hiking in the woods stopped to bend down and tie his shoe. Within moments a cougar jumps out of the woods and mauls him.

romance is grand

Ecotone, by definition, is a transition area between two adjacent ecological communities. In this episode they used the term to define the area where civilization is encroaching on nature. Track housing built into mountain sides, pushing out the native wildlife which inevitably leads to mountain lions eating your puppies.

this is it

I was thinking about the term and realized that you can vaguely apply it to many different situations. People, relationships in particular, are a great example. The blending of two lives can sometimes be seamless, however it can also create a stark line between each individual life. In these cases, the relationship hardly works.

mini gerber

I live a life in Seattle that is very different from the one I lived in LA. I live in the city, but spend my weekends lost in the mountains. I have friends that were once great loves, but now I wish to God I could see them happy with another person. Perhaps I'm stretching the idea here...but to me, the term seemed to suit me. I feel like my life is a never ending blending into another "ecosystem". I either flow perfectly into it or reject it and get mauled by a bear.

flowers are pretty

Really, all this makes sense in my head...and I guess that's all that matters! Anyway, I decided to name my photography. I'm really happy with these photos. I started thinking about the last time I did a rainy day shoot and all I did was a close up of froggy on my carpet underneath my lamp. I think I've improved a little, and I hope you enjoy this set.


one more, this time full frame, daisy.

full flower power

Thursday, February 19, 2009

not really workin' it

My bosses are out of town, the office is quiet and the roof is open. Looks like a great photo opportunity to me.

what I see

When I'm sitting at my desk all I have to do is look to my right and I see the above view. Looking towards the west, this is downtown Seattle, the Eastgate park and ride, and downtown Bellevue. It's a beautiful day today and you can see the Olympic Mountains peaking out behind it all. I've recently found a love for the peninsula and can not wait until the snow melts so I can hike Hurricane Ridge.

seattle through the trees

Again with the beauty! I was standing on the roof with one of our editors who had just come up there after smoking a cigarette downstairs. He's an angry little kid, complete with dark eye make up and an attitude of complete and utter disgust for the world. The stark contrast of the two made me actually laugh out loud, it was so ridiculous.

the other way

Not the best shot, but it's added for the people not lucky enough to come up to my office. This is looking east towards the Cascade Mountains with I-90 down below. When I first moved back I had to get out of the habit of beginning every freeway with "the" ie: The 90, The 405, The 5....a nasty habit brought back from LA. One of many, I soon learned.

the view from here

Seattle bokeh and bird it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

workin' it

My office has been already shot through the Panda's viewfinder, however I've never taken any pictures here. Except for the lunch time race in the parking lot, but that doesn't really count.

I downloaded a new application on my broken little iPhone that has given me hours of enjoyment and also saved me the trouble of purchasing a Holga and wasting my money on massive amounts of film and development. I figure my work would be a good a place as any to do some fun shooting.


This is one of the two guitars in the lobby. Our CEO regularly comes out to play on the electric, unplugged much to the happiness of our neighbors, so he can keep his calluses.

my desk

My desk is long and typically covered in massive amounts of paper stacked in neat little piles on top of each other. I rarely leave it, and when I do a cordless phone comes with me.

sex pistols

My favorite part of the whole office is our massive library. We have videos predating MTV, stacks and stacks of live performances and the jewel is the original reel of the Sex Pistols movie "The Great Rock and Roll Swindle".

my wall

There are days when I can't stand my job...but sometimes, when I have a great artist interview or my boss gives me a high five for an awesome day, or even when the sun is shining and I can look out my windows and appreciate the view of the Olympics, the Cascades, downtown Seattle and downtown Bellevue...I actually love it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

a great v-day weekend

Let me see if I can sum up this fabulous weekend. I doubt I can, but I'll give it a shot.

Friday night I debated staying in, but a call from Casey pulled me out of my comfortable bed and off to the Cha Cha. His co-worker Thaddeaus joined us and I ended up spending the evening chatting with him about music, movies and food while Casey flirted with an adorable little girl downstairs.

The evening ended very late (or early, depending on how you look at it) and an early Saturday morning adventure turned into a late afternoon quick drive up to Granite Falls.

granite falls

The day before I received a text from Lucas asking if I wanted to go on a hike so I invited him along on my adventure up to the falls. Last time I had been out here I was stupidly hung over and also forgot my tripod, so any long exposures (or any exposures for that matter) came out very blurry. The hangover was small this time around, but I remembered to bring the tripod.

again, a rock

The tall boy scout from Bellevue turned out to be an excellent hiking partner. His summers in the wilderness prepared him and his sense of adventure dwarfed my own. Before I knew it we were forging a trail along the side of the river, all the while he was picking up trash that he would find. It was a nice little hike.

I had to get home early so we cut the hike short. I had a date that evening and I wasn't going to miss it! My dearest Casey got a very exciting piece of mail the other day and I couldn't think of a better way to spend valentines day then with my good friend to celebrate the completion of one chapter of his life. We started out at a new restaurant on the hill called Odd Fellows. A huge space with wooden floors and a great menu. After a bottle of wine we headed up to Smiths (another bar in the family) and enjoyed a toast with a guy who was extremely excited about his chocolate pot o creme.


Sunday morning I awoke early and decided to have a kobna day. I pointed my car in the direction of Magnuson Park and took a quick drive through it before driving up to Top Pot to grab some coffee and decide what I wanted to shoot. I went back down to the park and walked through The Fin Project. An interesting art installation at the park made from submarine fins to represent a pod of whales.

i want to go to there

I love this park, and it was a much better fit for me than Discovery Park. I loved the history mixed with nature mixed with art. The trees were stunning to me. I almost appreciate them more without the leaves, seeing the mountains peaking through their large branches made my heart swoon.


I went up to the old naval station and drove through the housing project. By chance I came down this old hill and looked to my right to see art painted into the side of the hill. It was a bit creepy but I couldn't help but be drawn to it. One of the interesting things about graffiti up here is that I do consider it art. In LA it was nothing but a bunch of kids marking their territory like a dog. Here I feel like it's actually, as a co-worker once put it, the last voice of the proletariat. More of a statement, less of a territorial marker. However, the irony of the drawing on the bench is not lost on me.


I passed by the massive old hangers and under a bridge, pass the new Mountaineers building (further cementing my love of this park) and down to the water. I sat in my car watching a sailboat class in the lake, dancing in circles around each other. I looked at my clock and it wasn't even noon.

I made my way towards the freeway, but a quick view of the Olympics made me continue on towards the Puget Sound. I found myself in Edmonds at the Kingston Ferry. I spoke with the Women in Black, watched the ferry dock, nodded to another photographer (a fellow canon user) when he was so kind as to not get in my shot. He reminded me of Panda. All alone, black jacket, camera in hand...happy as can be just wandering around and shooting. The area was beautiful, but I think I was tapped out creatively and didn't really shoot anything worth posting.

Valentines day has notoriously been one of my least favorite holidays, mostly because of the expectation that everything must be perfect and romantic. I went into this weekend with no care as to who I spent it with or what we did, and it turned out perfect.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

low tech

At work all day my mind races back and forth between websites, e-mails, voicemails; when I get home I bombard my head with more websites, photoshop, pictures, television...When I finally do sit down to read a book or even just try to fall asleep at night, my mind will not quiet.

I'm taking the advice of a good friend and going low tech during the week. My computer will stay at work, my camera will stay in it's bag and hopefully my mind will quiet just enough for me to hear my own thoughts.

I'm thinking of a trip on Saturday so I have no doubts that by Monday I'll have something pretty to show you, my dear readers.

Until then, perhaps you should try it too! As Mercury slowly eases it's way out of Retrograde, now is a time of reflection. No action is needed, just let things happen. Who knows what the quiet will bring.

head in the...

Monday, February 09, 2009

discovery and an anniversary of sorts

sticky situation

I've decided I don't really like Discovery Park. I've been there twice now and both times it's invoked a feeling of dread that I can't get passed. I was walking along the beach, a beautiful Saturday with a clear blue sky and I was trying to find a shot that captured how I felt about the place. I looked to my right and took the above picture. I think it says it all.


Maybe it will be different in the spring. I've seen pictures of daisies and we all know how I feel about them. I'll try my luck again once the sun stays a little higher in the sky.

giant head

That evening I met up with a friend and after many drinks, a dicks cheeseburger and Brazil, Discovery Park was a distant memory. The walk home in the early morning brought a beautiful sight. The hill was engulfed in fog and I wandered the streets in amazement but the temptation to grab my camera was over-ruled by my need to sleep.


My morning rest was interrupted by mom, who found herself in the hospital again. This time...heart attack. It never really stops, I guess. I'm getting better at dealing with it.

Grammy Sunday arrived and I was excited that I finally had a reason to dress up. I put on heels and picked up Casey and after watching a U-Haul truck purposely hit a lady on the street we arrived at the show. The night marked a 6 year friendship anniversary for my dear Casey and I. I couldn't think of a better way to spend it.

For Lucas, the below video so you don't have to search for it. The only time I've ever in my life wished that I was in a marching band...and that I went to USC...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

a grumpy hike to discovery

Oh, this was a Kobna (pardon the expression) hike in it's truest form. Left an hour early from work to catch the low tide, forgot my compact flash, didn't research the park and walked two miles from my car, saw a church on a cliff and almost broke down and cried, cursed a certain persons existence in a Christan Bale like manner, made it to the beach to see the sunset, hiked back to my car in the dark. Thank god for headlamps.

pink sunset at low tide

I want a new camera. I frustrated myself last night because I feel like I've outgrown mine, which is a great feat after having owned it for around 6 months. Sometimes I want to just take a really great shot of something pretty instead of having to process it to hell and back. Still, the one below is nice.

sunset bokeh

In any case, the tide is low at Discovery Park. I'm going to attempt it again on Saturday, a little more prepared. Hopefully memories won't cloud my judgment and I'll do some nice creating. I'm so going through my anger phase it's not even funny.


an extra shot I guess some people like it.